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Chennai is the well-known capital of Tamil Nadu in south India and outs into display an incredible mixture of traditional and modern India. It is generally known as the “Detroit of India” as well as the “cultural hub of South India” for being one of the most significant bases of industrialization and culture respectively. Make use of the Delhi to Chennai by flight service and get busy exploring the city.

Long traditions of dance, music, and arts, several ancient temples, and customs that are older than many of us, make it perhaps the most prominent South Indian city for understanding the authentic culture of the country. On the other hand modernity is reflected in the city acting as a major hub of IT hub and the most favored city by the automobile companies to establish their chief manufacturing plants and units. The sky reaching buildings and all contemporary structure dotting the city’s layout will convince you of the fact.

Chennai also has a large population; third most populated city. After Mumbai and Delhi, it has the third largest counts of the expatriates in India. It additionally is also a leading tourism hub and interestingly it is the only city in South Asia that has been included in the group of destinations to go around the world by different international journals. Chennai is seeing a rise in the number of backpackers who have come from Delhi. In fact, Delhi is a major gateway to access Chennai. Cover the distance between Delhi to Chennai by flight; it is fast, convenient, and now within budget.


Some exclusive attractions and highly appreciable amenities make home in Chennai, and it is the thing that makes Chennai an amazing city. Hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, and malls make sure that one enjoys a great time here for as long as their stay lasts.

Apart from the most usual tourist attractions, Chennai is uniquely identified for certain landmarks having international popularity and reputation. These attributes are in fact the most significant features putting the city on the map of international travel.

Backpackers who are planning to visit Chennai soon, may seek out the help of registered travel agent or the web. Make use of the services offered by them and fly to this exotic destination.

Find out 4 top things that put the city in the itinerary of travelers across the world:

Marina Beach:

It is a naturally formed beach overlooking Bay of Bengal, and runs 8 miles plus in terms of stretch. It is therefore world’s second longest urban beach. Generally, not many backpackers heading to the city expect to see one of the world’s longest beaches in Chennai. One can’t go swimming or bathing in the beach, but it is still a nice beach to relax and spend some moments of leisure.

San Thome Basilica:

It is one of the most prominent churches in South India and no, it is not the architecture that makes it famous. It was built in 16th century by the Portuguese over the St. Thomas’s tomb; he is believed to be one of the 12 apostles of Lord Jesus. It is again one thing that you have probably expected not to see in India! As the locals say, St Thomas came to Kerala from his home town Judea in 52 AD, and was martyred in Chennai 72 AD on Saint Thomas Mount.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park:

This is a major tourist attraction that one must see in Chennai. The Indian native animals have always been a curiosity amongst the foreigners. Everyone takes delight in watching the exotic Indian wildlife. Elephants, crocodiles, and tigers are the chief fascinations. The Arignar Anna Zoological Park, which is in Chennai, is the recognized as the country’s oldest zoo and the largest too, ensuring that one gets to see everything that they fancy about.

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