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Approach An Expert To Prevent The Delay In The Completion Of Construction Project

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Disputes should ideally be avoided in any type of construction project, as if they arise, they can either stop the project totally or delay its end for days or weeks and it can even be for months or even years. This is where the need of contacting a Contracts and Claims Manager initiates. By guaranteeing compact contractual management, the client and the manager can prevent such situations from taking place.

Lisa Dudzik is a renowned Contracts and Claims Manager in Perth, Australia who is currently working in QDVC (Q.S.C) that plans and constructs chief civil engineering structures and buildings. Lisa interacts with Project Management Team under the direction of the several Project Directors. In addition, she is responsible for the preparation of contractual documentation on timely basis as well as development, assessment, and Variations and Claims and negotiation of Amendments. Lisa has more than eighteen years of experience in this field. Prior to this she has worked as Commercial Manager for domestic and internationals projects.

Approach An Expert To Prevent The Delay In The Completion Of Construction Project

Lisa Dudzik has excellent skills in the following fields such as:

  • Procurement

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Contract Management

  • Project Management

  • Strategy

  • Change Management

  • Negotiation

  • Project Planning

  • Management

Apart from this she has expertise in contract negotiation, leadership, project engineering, mining, engineering and sourcing.

There are many reasons or causes for the delay in the completion of your project. It is important that these causes of postponements are addressed and solved as quickly as possible. It is also vital that you have a production schedule and that this is updated regularly as well by your staff so that you can completely monitor the progress of your project.

Construction projects are tricky when it comes to placing a schedule. After all, there are a lot of things that could cause issues during the course of the project, which in turn leads to delays. Sometimes these issues are unavoidable but with proper planning certain issues can be eliminated from the equation. Hiring the incorrect person in for the job can have a huge effect on the construction project. This does not just mean the people on the construction team itself but also contractors and Contracts and Claims Manager who will assist with the project. An efficient construction team along with experienced contractors and Contracts and Claims Manager would ensure that the construction project is completed on time with no unnecessary disruption or delays.

As stated by Lisa Dudzik rightly, one should not enter the construction project without having a solid plan as simply wandering towards the goal without a plan can result in failure. Instead, make sure to set unique indicators for each of the team members so that they know exactly what they need to achieve and by what time. Not only does this mean that they will be better organized, but it also means that any issues that arise during the course of the project can be emphasized earlier so that you can deal with them more professionally and efficiently.

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