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12 Mind-blowing Facts That Will Mess With Your College Life

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College life is the most anticipated moment by the high school kids. This is mainly because one will get to experience major transitions and will be forced to embrace more obligations than before. This is what they actually enjoy as they now see themselves as mature. Besides, there are a lot of enticements especially from the college life movies depicting it as a haven of beauties, fun and handsome, energetic men with abs.

That’s it, right? The life that colleges offer is one to die for. That is what most freshmen carry with them in their minds as they set to join different campuses with much eagerness. Infact, most of them always look forward to meeting their future husbands during their first week of joining. In summary, there is so much independence and freedom.

Night Life

It is really absurd for one to sleep at 9pm in college. This is not high school come on. Infact, finding a perfect sleep in this institution is a fairy tale to many. Most of them would rather spend this time with their friends chatting all night long and sleep just for a while. Fridays are the peak days as students are out and about walking in groups. You would even think they are zombies walking in search of flesh to pounce on.

Food Treats

This is where most students are fully excited now that there will be no one to watch what they eat as they are at liberty to eat whatever they want so long as they have money. This is where you will find most of them asking for treats from their fellow friends and the lucky ones will actually have it. As is known by all and sundry, money talks.

However, most would really opt for home cooked food. They seem to miss what their mothers usually cook for them. Yes, they have all the time to eat burgers, fries, pizzas but east or west, home is best.

12 Mind-blowing Facts That Will Mess With Your College Life

Electronic Equipment

As most purchase laptops, smart phones and tablets, most of the parents become more proud that their sons and daughters are going to be scholars They presume that they are reading paraphernalia while according to the students they have found more reason to skive lectures. Watching, playing video games and surfing latest trends is what you would find them doing.


Why bother bathing and washing and there is no one to question your cleanliness? This would rather be done after some few days or even fortnightly.

Class Attendance

This is the most common vice in colleges. It is so normal that one would not be surprised at all. Some would rather hang out with their mates in fancy joints as others lay sleeping in their beds and having times of their lives. What most pay attention is their class attendance percentage to surpass the set one in order to sit for the examinations.


With the accommodation facilities, most usually share a room in large numbers but they will soon come to terms with it. To make it better, the rooms are opposite each other hence making it easier for them to hop to other rooms looking for company. With the limited space, it is advisable to come with necessary items just for the period stipulated.


Finding good friends is usually a hard task in universities. Some would actually take a longer time in finding friends as they are choosy. Talking of that, some of the people look for friends as cool as them. This explains why there are cool kids in every college. They see themselves as those who seem to know it all.

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