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Add An Italian Touch To Your Wedding With Sumptuous Pizzas

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Italians are known for gifting many unique things to the world- opera, fashion, dazzling works of art, etc. But what is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to Italian cuisine? It’s pizzas. And in case, you are planning to have a traditional Italian style wedding this fall, then pizzas can provide the perfect finishing touch to the menu list. As in case of any other type of Italian recipe, pizzas are available in a wide range of variations. Widely regarded as an American staple, most people residing in the Delray Beach are often confused about the difference between a traditional Italian pizza and its American counterpart. There is a slight difference between the two.

Add An Italian Touch To Your Wedding With Sumptuous Pizzas

Italian style pizzas do not contain too many ingredients as Californian ones do. In Italian households, there is a more measured use of meat and a minimalist approach is highly appreciated. Use of cheese and sauce needs to be done in a judicious manner. The ketchup is usually made from preserved tomatoes rather than tinned paste, while the cheese is always made from fresh mozzarella. You are not likely to come across any Italian pizza with fruit unless it is served as a dessert.

The main point of difference between the two variations is the crust. California style pizza crusts are similar to bread. They may be soft or crisp, but tend to be thicker and come with a lot of ingredients. Their Italian counterparts, on the other hand, are usually thin and chewy and are always prepared at high heat. As a result, you are likely to come across blistered edges. Light toppings are most common.

Add An Italian Touch To Your Wedding With Sumptuous Pizzas

There is no hard and fast rule to confirm that the pieces need to be picked as slices. You can use forks as well. Italian restaurants based in and around Delray Beach are best known for their buffalo mozzarella and montanara pizza. The USP of the latter is the fried dough. Montanara pizzas in this part of the US were pioneered in home kitchens without access to ovens or gas for lighting purpose. As an alternative, dough was fried on the top of the stove. Chefs have adapted this method for frying the dough for a minute, before topping and baking in a hot oven. What you can get as a result is a pizza with minimal grease.

Generous amounts of margherita are applied as topping, apart from ketchup made from fresh tomatoes and salt. The latter comes with a moderate amount of thickness. The crust is normally even baked, but may carry slight blisters. A little amount of hot, homemade chile oil can prove to be the perfect icing on the cake.

Apart from margherita, that comes with a little amount of tomato ketchup, circles of mozzarella can be presented in a shape similar to labyrinth, and basil leaves added at the end. Instead of using tomato sauces, the dough would be topped with tomato slices. Baked over a short period, they are interspersed with burrata that is wetter than mozzarella. It is normally placed post cooking.

To make guests make your wedding worth remembering, you need to be selective while choosing wines. Dolcetto could be a suitable option and will ensure that your guests help themselves to the fullest.

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