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Aconcagua Expedition: Your Next Challenge

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The highest mountain in both the southern and western hemispheres is Aconcagua. In the Andes mountain range, it is located and lies farther northwest of the city of Mendoza.

The mountain lies within Argentina, immediately east of Argentina’s border with Chile. Among the number of glaciers, the mountain has the largest one is the ventisquero horcones inferior near the confluence camp.

It is a popular expedition spot due to its challenges in every step, if you love to have thrilling experience then surely this mountain will quench your thirst. According to the mountaineers, Aconcagua expedition is easy if it’s approached via a normal route which is also called Aconcagua 360 route.

Every year people go on an expedition on this mountain. Though it is said to be an easy mountain still lot of casualties occur every year. So if you are novice then you should better go with a group and a guide.

Why Aconcagua is so popular among mountaineers?

Being the highest mountain in the southern and western hemisphere and the tallest peak on earth outside of the Himalayas Aconcagua has a height of around 23,000feet. So, you should prepare for an extreme weather condition.

It is called one of the fabled seven summits. The Aconcagua expedition begins in the tree-lined streets of Mendoza. After few days of starting of your journey and navigating twisting valleys, you will reach to the base of Aconcagua where the climbing begins. The main reasons for its popularity are:

  • For most of the mountaineers if it doesn’t challenge them then it is not worthy of climbing. But Aconcagua is always preferred as it has high altitude and challenges. This help climbers to develop a never give up attitude in an extremely difficult situation.

  • In every step of Aconcagua, there lies challenges and life-threatening danger. Every year people die there due to casualties. You have to be extremely cautious while climbing Aconcagua. This quality helps the climber to be aware of the situation and mountaineers love to climb on this.

  • If you ever go on an expedition via Aconcagua 360 route you will not be able to miss the beauty of this mountain. The heavy skies, deep snow, make this place a heaven on earth.

The bottom line on Aconcagua expedition, In mountaineering terms, Aconcagua is technically an easy mountain to do an expedition if approached the north which is its normal route. Aconcagua is well known for the highest non-technical mountain in the world.

The northern route does not require tools such as ropes, axes, and pins to climb. Those who want to have a freaky experience this mountain is perfect for you. Once you reach its summit the beauty will surely catch your eye and you will witness a breath-taking view according to the mountaineers who have climbed the mountain several times.

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