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A Perfect Guide Know Everything About Your Root Canal Treatment

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Even the thought of undergoing a Root Canal Treatment used to threaten me up. Just like many other people, I tend to avoid going through the treatment in order to skip the pain. But its is only later that we all realise that not taking a proper treatment can create even more problems for the teeth.

I went through a lot of articles to find an alternative of the Root Canal Treatment. Just when I was searching for some other ways to cure the pain, I got a chance to know more about the treatment and that is exactly what made me confident to opt for a Root Canal. It is always better to know more about a thing before framing perceptions about it. This article gives all the details that you should have about a Root Canal Treatment.

A Perfect Guide Know Everything About Your Root Canal Treatment

1. You should know why your teeth can need a root canal treatment.

Tooth decay, fracture, large fillings or trauma can injure the blood or nerve supply of the tooth or the Pulp and this causes the Pulp to die. Now, it is possible that the Pulp dies silently, without any pain. But there may be possibilities that you experience acute pain and in such cases, people fail to judge the point of pain.

In either of the cases, a dead pulp will result in dead spaces in the tooth as there will be no blood or nerve supply in that area. The body immune system is not capable of functioning in this area which results in bacteria creation inside the mouth.  

Slowly, this bacteria affects the tooth to such an extent that it can form a dental abscess, an infection in the tooth and your face gets swollen up. Thus, you experience unbearable pain in

Your tooth.

2. Do you know what exactly happens in a Root Canal Treatment?

The decayed tooth can damage many other teeth. Thus, it is important to treat it as soon as possible. Read the following points to have a detailed knowledge of the steps that are followed during the treatment.

Step A: It is important to remove the decay from your mouth in the very first step to be sure that that it does not infect any further. If the tooth is completely decayed, it has to be removed. Later by accessing the pulp space, the canals of the tooth are located.

Step 2: Now when the decay is removed, cleaning of the space is done through instruments like files that help to open and disinfect the space.

Step 3: Once the inner parts of the tooth are cleaned and sanitised, the area is dried to be filled up with an inanimate material called ‘gutta percha’. The filling is placed over the top.

Step 4: After having a Root Canal Treatment, Teeth tend to be brittle and weak. Thus, most of the times dentist recommend a crown that can protect and enhance the strength of the tooth structure.

3. You would want to know if it hurts or not.

It might hurt a little, but definitely not more than the pain you are suffering right now by not undergoing treatment.  

Dentists use proper local anaesthesia which will numb the area and give a pain-free surgery. There are times when the tooth is already causing so much of pain that it becomes difficult to numb it entirely. This is generally called a “hot pulp”. But there are ways to manage this as well.  

Dental Sedations are offered to patients which relax them and makes the treatment easy going.

4. You should know the duration of the treatment too.

The internal anatomy of our teeth is very complex and sensitive. Dentists need to be very particular of each step involved in the process of the treatment. This is the reason that the root canal treatment takes time.

Although the treatment can be time-consuming or can need a re-treatment if it fails, but getting it done is any day better than facing the pain every day. There are alternatives like extraction, but then you will have to lose your tooth for that.

So, if you are tolerating the pain every day in fear of even more pain during the surgery, all you need to do is to relax and visit a reputed dentist. You are sure to be in a  better condition than what you are facing with a decayed tooth.

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