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9 Simple Ways Of Staying In Style Without Spending Big Money

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No wonder we all would love to stop at Burberry store and treat ourselves with new outfits every now and then. It is no big deal to spend money and top the fashion bar of your college, work or parties but the art lies in achieving the same benchmark by spending minimum. No offence to everyday shoppers but spending money tastefully that keeps your wardrobe updated for the years to come is what we call the love for fashion.

A small research and some deep chit chats with fashion houses reveal some secrets that will keep your wardrobe updated with current fashion trends and the ones to come.

Fashion is a way of expressing your taste and creativity. It is the way you would want others to see you. When you select an outfit, handbag or a pair of footwear, your brain flashes an image that determines your decision to buy or not and that image is the way you want others to picture you.

9 Simple Ways Of Staying In Style Without Spending Big Money

Let us go through 10 simple ways you can make your picture perfect.

  1. Stripes have been in trend and are there to stay – Be it a striped shirt, dress, trousers or top, this print goes well in formal as well as casual outfits. Keeping a pair of broad striped trousers and regular same coloured striped shirt is one of the highlight for Paris Fashion Week 2017.
  2. Leggings – Leggings are back, pair them with dress or a loose top. Also a broad belt could be used to give definition to baggy shirts and tops. Brighter or contrasting shade leggings would draw more attention than the regular neutral colours. For a refined party look pair these leggings with stilettos.
  3. Go green – Give regular leather handbags a break and try rope handle paper bags or flat handle paper bags. Give your regular hand bag a break and go a little casual way.
  4. Pastel and floral are the hues of spring – Let there be some sunshine and brightness, always keep some pastel and floral dresses in your wardrobe make full use of them during spring season. Regular lemon yellow midi with straps over shoulders never goes out of vogue. Make sure of the fabric, select light fabrics like chiffon.
  5. Broad Pants – Invest in broad ankle length pants, these pants are here to stay. Flaunt these with formal or casual shirts or tops. Trousers could be plain, striped or printed they certainly add sophistication to your outfit.
  6. Cone heels – Give your pencil heels and stilettos a break and walk in comfort. Cone shaped heels are back. So if you were a fashion follower and have kept your cone heels intact then it is the time to bring them out.
  7. Neon floral – Bold prints will be ruling this yeas fashion statements basis an update by Vogue. Well this one is tough to carry, but if you feel deeply of fashion you can give this a try. Since this trend is not revived from past, it would require some investment.
  8. White and Beiges– Cream, whites, beige with lacy or see through fabric are making their way to lime light this season. You can team up beige top with cream skirt or white dress with beige jackets. If you have a good collection of dresses in neutral shades you can try this trend without having to spend any money.
  9. Comfort over looks – Comfort always rules over looks, if you are wearing a dazzling pair of Jimmy Choostilettos and not able work without limping then what is the point of investing so much. The whole idea behind fashion is to look your best and if you are comfortable wearing denims, t-shirt and carrying a rope handle paper bags or flat handle paper bags then do not change your basic attire to fit into something that you are not. Be confident in what you wear and you will always rule the trending styles.
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