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8 Yoga Exercises Great For Weight Loss and Healthy Living

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I was at my most slender when I practice Bikram yoga on a daily basis. Now I do not have a studio in the area and my waist line is paying for it. There are so many benefits of yoga for weight loss. You are going through a low impact exercise regime that is great for joints and even better for muscles. It is also great exercise for all ages. Here is why yoga and other exercises are great for healthy weight loss.

8 Yoga Exercises Great For Weight Loss and Healthy Living

1. Bikram Yoga

During this class, you will sweat out all of your toxins for a more lean body. Practising this style of yoga also encourages you to have better eating habits.

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2. Power Yoga

This is a total body workout. You can do this in the comfort of your home as well. It is recommended to use light weights or dumbbells to increase the weight loss while performing Power Yoga.

3. Vinyasa Yoga

This is the yoga for stretching into fitness and weight loss. You are moving your body in a natural flowing manner from one position to another. It helps to build lean muscle mass.

4. Hot Flow Yoga

Quite similar to Vinyasa, but held in a room at a much hotter temperature. It teaches different breathing techniques and ways of relaxing. You’ll burn fatter when practising hot flow over vinyasa.

5. Hatha Yoga

The poses in Hatha are also used in Vinyasa. You have sun and warrior poses. It was not designed to help you lose weight, but it can assist.

6. Anusara Yoga

Another type not proven to aid in weight loss, but many turn to and it helps. Yoga affects your mind, body and spirit. Practising it has proven to change the way you look at food and eat it.

7. Kettle bells

They are my favorite workout class at the moment. It is just me and the kettle bell. I am not racing faster than someone or running against a clock. It is just me and the weight. Many people do not want to do weights for weight loss, but they actually should. The muscle you gain from weights helps burns more fat and calories. Here is a challenge you should try.

The challenge is divided into weeks with each day having different instructions including rest days. As the challenge continues, it becomes more difficult with less rest. They have different reps like Lunge Switch with Kettle Bell rotation or Kettle bell Clean to Forward Lunge. There is often a day in which you do all previous exercises. It is a challenge after all.

8. Squats!

Who does not love squats? Women love them because they help to tone our imperfect legs and butts. Men love them because they are great at strengthening your butt and legs. They are easy to do where you do not need a gym membership or a large space. Here are some easy variations of squats:

  • Basic squat

  • Kickback squat

  • Sumo squat

  • Reaching sumo squat

  • Oblique squat

  • Jump squat

  • Narrow squat

  • Pistol squat

  • Curtsey squat

  • Split squat

  • Isometric squat

  • Pop squat

These are not even all the squats you can do. Besides toning your legs, you are getting a good core workout in as well. You will see improvement in your legs, bum, and core within a few weeks. You can go online for different challenges.

If in doubt, check out YouTube for some free videos of exercises to do in the comfort of your home. If they have hit over a million views, you know you have found a good one. Some recommend you complete the four-week challenge while others just say a couple of days a week. They even have yoga videos. There are many benefits of yoga for weight loss. These are great for beginners and intermediate levels. You can also find other videos by these users for a more intense workout.


As you can see, there are lots of different types of exercises for weight loss. Yoga is great since it is low impact, squats are a great whole body workout and kettle bells is for those looking for a challenge. Bikram is a personal favorite, but check out Power Yoga and Vinyasa as well. You will leave the classes feeling like a brand new person.

With technology at our fingertips, you can find exercises and workouts there too. Check out YouTube for different videos and fitness magazines for workouts. Exercising to lose weight has never been easier.

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