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5 Tips To Control Your Blood Sugar

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Control your blood sugar levels that is vital to staying healthy. Diabetes can cause to have too much glucose in your bloodstream. A diet with low sugar content foods also the best way to control glucose levels in your body. Here are the five tips that are very important for healthy lifestyle.

5 Tips To Control Your Blood Sugar

Daily Walking

Many studies found that regular walking about 1.5 km  that helps to reduce the risk diabetes. Believe it or not, if you walk 10 km per week, you will be 34% less likely to have heart disease, the leading cause of death among people with diabetes. Walking makes your cells more receptive to insulin, resulting in better control of blood sugar. This also raises the level of good cholesterol.

Complex Carbohydrates at Each Meal

Diet Change for complex carbohydrates is one of the easiest ways to better control blood sugar. Fiber does not raise blood glucose levels. Also help to lose weight, It can cut your appetite. And these carbohydrates contain nutrients that fight against heart disease and high blood pressure. Replace for sandwiches, find a wheat bread, sweet potato and celeriac. Try hearty grains like barley, lentils or brown rice instead of the traditional plain white rice. A juicy peach, a crisp apple, watermelon or blackberry bowl.

Lean Protein

Opt for lean proteins from  foods, like eggs, and helps maintain blood sugar levels low,  A leader in weight loss, you can consume breakfast: 1 or 2 eggs in the morning and eat less at dinner. A quick taste: keep boiled eggs in the fridge, Eat one with carrots and that can cut your appetite. Legumes are rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants can help keep your low and stable blood sugar. Avoid beans for their high sugar sauce.

15-Minute Relaxation Practice

Close the door, arrange a comfortable chair, flat on the floor, Take a large breathes, close your eyes and breathe. A few minutes of breathing help to get rid of stress, repeat every day. Listen to your breathing. If your attention decreases, refocus yourself.That  Lower your blood sugar levels and make losing weight easier.

Healthy Sleep

Eight hours of sleep each night helps to maintain healthy weight, Many studies have found that lack of sleep linked to the high blood pressure. Go to bed early and waking up early (6 a.m. almost every day).

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