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8 Ways WordPress Proves To Be The Best Platform For Blogging

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WordPress today is favoured by world’s top organisations for their websites. It is also the most searched word on the Internet. For someone who wants to start a blog, there is no better choice than WordPress. Here are some amazing statistics to support this fact.

  • Over 28% websites on the internet run on WordPress plans.
  • Over 50% of Content Management Systems (CMSs) used across the world are WordPress.
  • Nearly 16 million websites use this platform.
  • 17 posts related to WordPress are published online every second.

There are several reasons why WordPress is such a popular choice. Here are the tops ones:

  1. One-click Installation

Almost all the web hosting services, through their control panel, provide you with a single-click method to install WordPress in your system. The process of installation is complete within a minute after which you can begin with your content creation and publishing.

  1. Easiest platform for a user

Once you select a WordPress plan and the installation is complete, any person trained in basic IT skills will be able to use it. WordPress offers an extremely easy way to create and publish blog posts. Even if you are not an experienced blogger, you will hardly have any hassle in managing your account. WordPress is the simplest of all the available options when it comes to publishing new posts or adding plugins. WordPress has rapidly gained popularity and has become the world’s largest content management platform mainly because of its ease of use.

  1. Remarkable array of themes

A fascinating advantage of WordPress is that when you choose WordPress for your blogging platform, you will be amazed at the unique and innumerable themes it has to offer. Scan through the endless number of themes and select a theme that complements your product niche. You can also customize it to suit your overall business. WordPress offers you the scope of an even higher level of customization, but that can be utilized only if you already have some knowledge of CSS. An option is to hire a designer’s service, which can help you make the most of this facility.

  1. Responsive

Bloggers and webmasters are fast realizing the importance of responsive design. This is because of the growing number of mobile searches, which have already exceeded desktop searches. WordPress plans offer a mobile-ready blog, so you do not have to shell extra to augment mobile responsiveness. An advantage of a responsive platform is that it elevates your search ranking. Without having to put any additional effort, your blog will render on mobile devices with great efficacy.

  1. SEO-friendly

WordPress is known for a clean code, which means it is more attuned to search engines than any other blogging platform available. WordPress also enables you to add extensions and plugins to optimize your blog further on the search engine. By choosing WordPress, you ensure that your blog is more searchable.

  1. Outstanding community support

WordPress has created an enormous user base over time and so its support system is based on this ever-growing WordPress community. There are innumerable message boards,tutorials, blogs and ebooks to guide you about WordPress functioning and advantages. Go to a search engine and you will always find someone who will have answers to your queries.

  1. Variety of plugins

Every WordPress plan gives you an access to a massive range of plugins. This allows you to enhance your blog quality by inserting any feature you want. WordPress provides you with a plugin for virtually any feature or function such as:

  • Tracking blog statistics
  • Social media integration for your blog
  • Adding online store
  • Podcast integration
  1. Superior security

WordPress has been one of the most secure platforms available for blogging. All you have to do to protect your blog from being vulnerable to threats is keep your WordPress, themes and plugins up-to-date. Since WordPress is an open source CMS, its huge community keeps a supply of updates and improvements. This helps in fixing any bugs then and there, besides constant availability of newer security updates and features. Make sure your WordPress Plan involves Security factors. All this only means a blog on WordPress is always more secure than on any other platform.


WordPress is an open source platform, so just pay for the WordPress Web Hosting service and domain name and you get to use the platform for free. Although you get amazing themes and plugins for free, WordPress also has paid extensions for more variety that can enhance your blog.

There can be several other reasons that make WordPress the best choice to start your blog. WordPress easily addresses all your blogging goals — be it a small blog running on a budget, or a much bigger blog. Therefore, it will be thoughtful to compare this with other blogging platforms and evaluate their features, so that you can select the right option.

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