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8 Tips To Ensure The Safety Of Your Magento Ecommerce Site

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Magento is today’s largest open source ecommerce platform being chosen by one in every four online retailer. Its wide popularity, in-built security, huge customization options, bountiful functional features, user-friendly interface, default search engine optimization, and powerful backend administration makes it the most lucrative ecommerce platform out there.

The most significant reason why e-stores choose Magento as their base is the safety that it provides against malicious attacks. This article tells you how you can further safeguard your Magento ecommerce site which already has extensive inherent safety features.

8 Tips To Ensure The Safety Of Your Magento Ecommerce Site

Get your current Magento version updated:

Magento constantly upgrades itself by releasing more useful features and bug fixings. Updating your Magento ecommerce site to the most recent version, aids in improving its security and functionality.

Select a strong username and password:

 Hackers primarily target your username and password. So, make sure that your choice of username is difficult, and password is strong enough with a minimum length of 10 characters. Use both upper and lower cases along with numbers and special characters to ensure good password strength. Never use your name, date of birth, and common number sequences as these are quite easy to crack.

Use different passwords for different accounts:

The most common mistake that most entrepreneurs make is, using the same set of username and password for multiple accounts in order to facilitate the ease and convenience of remembering them. But, beware; this can become a big source for hackers to hack your site easily. So, make it a point to keep unique passwords for different accounts.

Change your passwords at regular intervals:

Using the same password for prolonged periods of time can facilitate the easy hacking of your site. So, ensure that you modify your site’s password once in every three months. This will render hackers inoperative even if they have hacked your previous password.

Do not assign file permissions as 777:

After you change the permission, do not assign your necessary files as 777. This will make it easy for the malicious attackers to hack your site’s account.

Regularly backup your site:

In order to heighten the security of your Magento ecommerce site, perform a regular backup. Coming up with and implementing an effective backup plan can ensure that your site’s services are not interrupted even if your site is hacked.

Access control to unsecured File Transfer Protocol (FTP):

To ensure your Magento site’s strong security, allow access control by making use of httpd.conf and htaccess files to unsecured FTP.

Regularly carry out security analysis:

It is important to perform security analysis on your Magento sites on a regular basis. This is something that requires technical expertise. So, it is advised that you hire Magento developer professional for this.

Although Magento is a highly secure ecommerce platform, it still has its own vulnerabilities. Our tips provide for a multifaceted approach towards ensuring and improving the security of your ecommerce site.

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