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7 Simple Ways To Honor Your Deceased Pet’s Memory

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Losing a loving pet is never easy for pet owners.  After this loss, pet owners wonder if they can preserve the memory of their loving pet with some options. Thankfully there are some simple ways by which you can honor their memories. Talking about these methods, here you can find 7 simple ways to honor your deceased pet’s memory gracefully.

7 Simple Ways To Honor Your Deceased Pet's Memory

Urns:  If you cremated your pet after their demise, then storing your pet’s remains in the urns would be an excellent choice. You can find the different size of urns in various shapes, sizes, and designs. If you want, you can have some customizable urns as well to store the remains. This could be a great way to preserve and honor your loving pet’s memory.

Memorial stone: Headstone, grave markers or animal memorial stones gives you unique way to honor the memory of your loving animal.  These memorial stones came in different shapes and made of various materials including granite, stone or marble. If you want you can have a customized shape for the marker, you can get it, and you can put it next to the grave.

Photo Album: If you love your pet, you will surely have their photos in your cell phone and digital cameras. You can use those pictures to make a photo album that has only your pet’s photos in it. Watching these photos in the physical album can help you feel better, and you can honor the memories as well.

Taxidermy: Some people might not like the idea of watching their dead pet in their drawing room, but some could love it. Taxidermy is a nice way to keep your pet close to you. For this requirement, you only need to find an expert who can transform your dead pet into a stuffed animal. This way you can have your pet right in front of your eyes, and you can cherish the memories.

Painting or portrait: A painting or portrait is another good way to honor the memory of your dog, cat or any other animal. A painter can make a good painting for you, and you can display that on your wall. This painting will keep you connected with the joyful memories, and you can honor the memories as well.

Jewelry:  Making jewelry is one more nice way to remember your pet happily. You can use nail, hairs or other remains as jewelry ornament. If that is not possible, you can have pet’s photo or name it, and that is another interesting way to keep them in memories.

Memorial Services: To remember the good things of your pet, you can plan a memorial service.  It could be anything ranging from tree plantation in your backyard to planning a full memorial service. Other than this cancel lighting or donating to charity is also a good way to remember them.


Losing a pet is tough, but you have to accept the reality of death. If your pet passed away, then it is not a good thing to live in the pain and sorrow. Instead of that, you should try to honor the memory in a positive way. With above-given tips, you can honor the memory and you can get more ahead in your life without any regret.   

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