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7 New Technology You Need To Start Believing On

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The current statistics reveal that, there are over 24 million people looking for jobs in the world and the challenges to land jobs are much acute than ever before. However, where challenges of this magnitude are found, technology comes to the rescue. New technology is now playing a vital role in easing job prospects worldwide. From creation of new forms of connections that improve access to networks of support and resources to new forms of employment, new technology has successfully opened up new opportunities thus broadening job seekers’ horizons. Here are 7 new technologies you need to start believing on:

7 New Technology You Need To Start Believing On

1.Task Squad

This technology is perfect for job-seekers with no to little work experience. It is in a position to provide flexible, short-term and paid opportunities to thousands of young people. It works as a micro-employment website where young people have an opportunity to land small and paid assignments. They are able to take advantage of these assignments to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to employers.


Every minute, over 400,000 stories and over 125,000 new comments are shared on Facebook. This shows just how much people use Facebook in their daily lives. This scale is an excellent environment for neural networks and learning systems. DeepText analyzes your private messages, photos, videos and posts. It does so to understand you and to know the reasons behind your posts. It is curious about your posts like many other forms of artificial intelligence. For instance, if you post about pizza, it’s probably because you are hungry and a person advertising pizza can take advantage of this interface to offer you options instantly.


Google technology pictures a world whereby people have ongoing conversations with themselves without end. It provides you with ideas when you search information. In addition, it will provide you with related posts and videos for information you search. Experts are seeing a situation whereby Google will become even better in the near future. It is an AI that you should start believing on. Google is already using RankBrain, which is an approach that deeply analyzes your search queries. Rather than the simple response and prompt you are used to, RankBrain uses your location, habits and weather to deliver answers.


This is a mobile web app that can help you to organize your social action projects. In addition, you can use it to demonstrate that you possess the positive attitude and skills that potential employers are looking for. It is a new technology that will encourage you to organize projects that focus on issues that affect you. As you continue using it, you will gain badges that highlight your skills to help open doors for unending opportunities. This new technology is definitely worth trying.


This new technology is seeking to automate almost everything. It is a revolution that will automate your entire life to make it less tedious. All this is aimed at delivering real differences in your daily life. The best part is that it has solution for almost everything. For instance in health, it offers a personal trainer. It works hard to understand you and find out exactly the things you need so that you can maximize your performance when it comes to running. It integrates with weather, your location and the Google health kit to provide you with precise performance encouragement.  These are the current biggest tech news you can relate.

6.30-seconds to fly

This is a startup that tries to eliminate the long holds and the tedium associated with travel. This means that, it is possible for you to have tedium and holds-free travels from now on. More than ever before, you can receive AI generated personalized support during your travels. This helps you as well as your company to resume to businesses fast without the hold ups associated with travel. This makes it the best AI with the patience needed in on air travel.


This is another business technology that has proved to have a remarkable productivity. It comes in handy if you are looking to minimize your workload and remain highly productive. It allows you to plug in your Google sheets or MS Excel using a free API. It will write detailed and excellently analyzed stories using your numbers. The best part is its ability to write up detailed reports on numerous spreadsheet pages in seconds. The write ups remain precise and of high quality thanks to its detailed analysis.


You can also take advantage of Andrew, which is an assistant that schedules meetings. It is precise and does not go on vacations or take lunch breaks. The developers are looking for ways to make it much better such that it can remind users about emails they have not replied. This will be based on suggested responses from other important emails already on their system. It is accurate and you can easily forget that Andrew is not a person. It makes use of a professional and friendly tone making the user experience even better.

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