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6 Ways to Listen to Music Offline during Traveling

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When you are travelling, it feels tempting to want to listen to your favorite music. The problem is that you cannot easily get access to the internet when you are travelling. There is no need to fret about this because there are 6 ways to listen to your favorite music offline during travelling.

Cache Your Favorite Music

If you use a music app, you may be able to cache all your favorite songs and playback locally. Caching allows you to listen to selected favorite songs, albums, and playlists that you have downloaded on your app. Usually, after you make the music available offline, you can see a small device icon on the top right. Some of the music apps that support caching include Spotify, Umusio, Sound-cloud, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Google Play Music.

Use a Music App that Has Offline Listening Mode

Some music apps will automatically download the music to your account after you have selected them. The music is available to listen when you are using the app without an internet connection. Sound Weaver is one such app, it allows you to download music video from several sources such as YouTube, Dropbox, and Sound-cloud. You may have to purchase the music app subscription in order to use it to stream the music offline.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music lets you download music and listen to them offline. You will have to first download the selected music titles on your devices. It supports devices like Fire tablets and Android devices. The music that you have downloaded can be found in the My Music folder. When you want to listen to music offline, you simply go to settings and choose the offline music mode. All music available for playback offline will appear. Amazon Prime Music does not limit the number of music you can download and play offline.

Subscribe to Pandora Plus or Premium

Pandora offers a large selection of music that you can listen without an internet connection. You will need to have either the Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium subscription. It allows you to listen up to 4 stations offline if you have the Pandora Plus subscription. Pandora Premium subscription allows you to save unlimited stations for listening offline. To listen to the music offline, tap on the three lines button on the top left and toggle the Offline Mode slider.

Download Music on PC and Convert it to Mobile Friendly Format

You can first download the music with your PC. If the music video is on YouTube, you can use a YouTube downloader plugin to download it. If it is hosted on other sites, you can use a screen recorder to record the music track or the music video. After that, you can use converter software to convert the music tracks into a format that is compatible with your mobile phone. For example, if you download the music video in MP4, you feel the quality is not up to your standard so you can use a converter to convert it in a higher quality format like AVI. When the music video is converted, you can transfer it to your tablet. Get more details at

Listen to Music on a Music CD/DVD

You can buy the CD/DVD version of your favorite music and play them on a portable CD/DVD player or DVD ROM on a laptop while travelling. During holiday sales, you can usually get discounts on music album DVD. Alternatively, you can download your favorite music and then have them burned to a blank DVD disc. This allows you to listen to songs on your laptop without taking up the spaces on your tablet or phone.

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