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6 Tips To Choose Baby Shower Gifts

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While attending the shower of close friend or family member’s baby, you would like to choose and buy the best gift possible. Though, there are endless choices for a baby shower gifts; it is not so easy to find a perfect one.

Your shopping for a baby shower gift will become much easier if you follow the following tips:

1. Confirm the Gender of the Child

Knowing the gender of the child let you decide the personalize the gift because the toys, clothes, furniture, etc. are gender specific. The best gift for a baby boy may not be a perfect gift for the baby girl.

If you are not sure enough regarding whether the baby is a boy or girl, buy the gift that are gender neutral. These may be blankets, bibs, bottles or diapers, etc.

2. Buy a Practical Gift

When the newborn comes to this world, a lot of many things are required by the parents in the daily use. These items may be bottles, onesies, pacifiers, diapers, bibs, spoons, plates, burp towels, bowls, baby wipes, etc. If you buy and gift these items to the parents to the new born baby, it will be utilized. It so happens many times that the parents of the baby receive so many gifts on shower some of which is never utilized and become useless after some time. It will be better for you to a practical one.

6 Tips To Choose Baby Shower Gifts

3. Be a Safety Concern

The babies grow at a very fast rate, and when they start moving, you have to pay the special attention. It is necessary to keep the objects away from the baby that are going to harm the baby in anyway. So, you may buy latches for storage areas in order to prevent access of the baby. You may also purchase a baby monitor that will inform the parents in case the baby is in trouble.

4. Purchase Nursing/Feeding Gifts

You may buy and gift that are used by the babies for feeding/nursing, for example, feeding/nursing pillow. It relieves the pain and strain on mother’s neck and shoulders. Besides, these also ensure the baby in a good feeding position. Not only these, you can go for bottles and bottle brushes for cleaning, breast-milk storage bags to freeze the milk, etc.

5. Clothes with Care

Baby clothes are considered to be an ideal gift. But you have to a little considerate while shopping these. It is advisable not to go for very expansive clothes. The size of the clothes may be chosen larger and not the perfect fit. Further, the upcoming season may also be considered.

6. Gift Baskets

When you decide to present a gift basket on the occasion of the baby shower. You have the lot of options. Here, you have to keep in mind the life style of parents of the baby. For example, you may gift Diaper Bag, Bottles, Pacifiers, Baby Shampoo, Thermometer, and Washcloths for a practical parent. But for a techie parents, you may shop for Constellation night light, Baby care timer, Educational DVDs, Digital day counters, etc. If you are aware that the baby has a sentimental parent, you may shop for photo frames, Baby book Scrapbook, Hand print kit, an embroidered blanket with name and date of birth of the baby.


Baby showers are a joyous event, choose the unique gift to remain memorable.

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