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6 Tech Gadgets All Students Adore

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There is a great number of gadgets that center on education and helping students study, which are being conceptualized and developed on a robust basis in these modern times. This goes to show that the future of education in this world, where technological advances don’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down, is very bright. Below, we have listed six gadgets that students can’t get enough of and have become indispensable tools in their school arsenal. To say that they couldn’t do without them in their everyday school endeavors isn’t at all an overstatement.

Notebook computer

Without a doubt, this quintessential slim computer has become a staple in most schools worldwide. This is because this notebook computer is specifically designed to help students, especially those who intend to enter university. Much of their value lie in the fact that they’re, simply put, portable computers, where you can avail of all the benefits of the latter. Also, some models actually cater more for students taking up certain courses. This means that if you’re taking up a film course and you require video and audio editing software, for instance, then the MacBook Pro is perfect for you because of its powerful specs.


Such are the revolutionary influences of this gadget in today’s modern society that it has become an important tool for your studies as well. After all, with the loads of apps that are being developed to help students handle their studies better, would you be willing to miss out on what your other classmates are making the most out of? In fact, no less than the American Association of School Librarians itself has made a list of apps that they recommend for students of varying school levels to use on a daily basis.


Capitalizing on the convenience and basic functions of the standard wristwatch, the smartwatch is what possibly epitomizes the wearable technology of this generation. Many students find that they can schedule their days better with this nifty tool simply because it allows them to make schedules with it and receive regular notifications and alerts for the said activities. It doesn’t end there, though, as the most advanced models, such as the cheat watch, even allow you to readily search for information online using its built-in speech recognition feature. With these capabilities, it’s not for nothing that this gadget is named as such.


Amazon’s game-changing e-reader has access to a plethora of free and purchasable digitized resources ranging from e-books, magazines, articles, and other references that could prove to be a gold mine of information for students. Why bother going to the school library if you can have your own personal one always at arm’s reach? Your digital books are readily available as well.

Moleskine Notebook

It’s practically one of the best innovations in school gadgets at present simply because it allows you to automatically convert written text to digital ones. This is made possible with its synergy with the Evernote app and your phone’s camera. With it, you’ll always have a ready backup of your notes and illustrations, which can be easily shared with your peers and teachers.

Logitech K480 keyboard

Imagine being able to use a keyboard on any of your devices, may they be a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, just as long as they have Bluetooth connectivity capabilities. This is what you can expect from the superb Logitech K480 Bluetooth multi-device keyboard. This is especially useful for students who are more comfortable in taking notes faster with a keyboard, while using any of their preferred devices.

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