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6 Mistakes In Web Design Developments

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Unfortunately, not all web design project could provide us with all the necessary benefits. Here are some of likely mistakes that may affect web design projects.

  1. No effective feedback: Effective feedback is also necessary to ensure good design elements. Many web designers fail to present reliable user feedback mechanism and it should be noted that the website is built for users in the first place. Many reliable websites are able to ensure good response times to meet the needs of users.
  2. No effective accessibility and internationalization: It is quite likely that our website is visited by people from different countries and cultures. They may speak different languages and adhere to specific cultures. Although English can provide universal communication for people around the world, we should also consider that some people have poor comprehension on foreign languages, including English. We should accommodate for their requirements by adding versions of the website with multiple major languages. In this case, it would be a bad idea to rely on automatic translation tools that could be based on Google Translate or other similar engines. Some people could also be affected by disabilities, so we should consider their needs.
  3. Less meaningful images, icons and graphics: Images, icons and other graphics should be considered as the integral part of any web design. It is important for us to make use that various types of images are well represented. In this case, icons should be described properly and we should have a discussion with other designers on how specific icons should exist. The way these icons designed should be recognizable and meaningful. We may also need to review different multimedia elements. Guidelines that need to be represented may include animation, drawings, videos and images.
  4. Improper selections of colors: Colors should be used properly in web design. Colors can facilitate discrimination of different screen components, while accentuating differences. In this case, we should also make sure the overall presentation looks interesting. However, improper uses of colors can impair usability, cause visual fatigue and distraction. Web designers should know how to use colors effectively in web design, photos and videos. In fact, it is important to choose featured images that are compatible with the website’s color theme or at least provide pleasant contrasts.
  5. Poorly organized layouts: Pages should be well organized after we determine all the components of the page. Elements should be presented meaningfully and clearly. Improper organization and presentation of layout will discourage accurate and quick comprehension of information. Web designers should be able to determine control and screen elements in a very effective manner.
  6. Inadequate tests: A host of element and factors should be considered, due to the possible existence of trade-offs. The design of the website shouldn’t be based on educated guess, but also proper determination on how deliver the best results. Some web designers simply wait until the system is about to be implemented. At this stage, changes will be time consuming and costly.
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