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6 Foods Are Most Protective Against Colon Cancer

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Colon cancer is a disease, serious, difficult to diagnose. This type of cancer is found most often in advanced stages, which decreases the chances of cure. But there are some warning signs Constipation or diarrhea, constant cramps, rectal bleeding, bloating, sudden weight decrease, loss of appetite, blood in the urine or stool. The good news is that a diet low in fat, but high in fiber, fruits and vegetables can prevent this type of cancer. Colon cancer is largely influenced by diet and lifestyle balance. Obesity and lack of physical movement, consumption of foods high in fat, meat, alcohol and smoking their mark on our health, increasing the risk of colorectal tumors.

Here are foods that prevent colon cancer:


Garlic is an important source of antioxidants, which fight against the negative effects of free radicals. It prevents premature aging and has antibacterial and antiviral properties, inhibits the development of tumors and cancer cells. Also, the antioxidants in garlic stimulates the immune system and helps eliminate harmful substances from the body. So take care to add in food daily. You need to eat 3-4 cloves of garlic for it to take effect.

6 Foods Are Most Protective Against Colon Cancer


Broccoli, and other vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and radishes, the fight against colon cancer.

This vegetable contains extremely powerful natural substances that suppress the development of cancer cells. It also contains fiber, vitamins A, E and K, extremely important in the digestive system and immune health.


Oranges are important sources of folic acid, a type of vitamin B, soluble in water, which helps synthesize and repair DNA. Deficiency of folic acid increases the risk of colon cancer. Other foods rich in folic acid include whole grains, peas or beans.


Tuna contains significant amounts of selenium, a mineral that helps to detoxify the body and reduce the risk of cellular mutation. Tuna also contains omega 3 and omega 6 which prevent all cancers.

Drink Green Tea

Studies have shown that the incidence of colon cancer is lower in people who consume at least one cup daily green tea. The number of cups consumed daily is higher, and the likelihood of suffering from colon cancer is lower.

Foods High in Vitamin D

Several studies have shown that foods rich in vitamin D, such as eggs, mushrooms, fish: salmon, sardines or mackerel, especially preventing colon cancer and breast cancer. Providing the needed daily calcium and vitamin D in the body is one way you can prevent colon cancer. Women between 19 and 50 years need 1,000 mg of calcium, while the same amount is recommended for men between 19 and 70 years. Once they reach the age of 50 years women need 1200 mg of calcium. Because this mineral to be absorbed by the body we need 600 mg daily of vitamin D.

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