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5 Websites Which Converts Any Text & Pictures Into HTML5 Video

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Let’s accept it, a lot of us face quite problem when it comes to video converting, first we seek help from our friends and then we turn towards our great ‘SAVIOUR’, the Internet. If you just search for a term per say easy HTML5 video player you’ll get about 290 Million results. Now, where to go? Is there a proper site that won’t ask me to download any other software before using the video player, or a site without any click-bait and hidden advert? Lay of the stress, because here are the top 5 sites that’ll help you get the job done, easily.

  1. com: This website basically provides you with clean, simple and easy to use software, that’ll help you convert any video file to a HTML5 video. Besides the usual conversion options, you get loads of stuff for free, including options for setting the frame quality, file type, thumbnail/poster and much more and guess what, it’s free. Hence, this site ranks at the top of the list.
  1. Handbrake: A popular name in the video converting and editing field. Handbrake is an editing software which gives you freedom to convert your video to any file/format, besides this the key factor is that it allows you to decrease the fps of a video and thus reduce size, without losing much of the original picture quality. It becomes quite handy when you have a big file and slow net, just compress it using this tool and you are free to upload.
  1. Any Video Converter: As the name itself says, this software can convert any video file to your desired file type. It is an easy webm converter, as it supports MP4, WEBM and OGG file formats. Not much to the looks but great at the work.
  1. DVDVideoSoft free: The free tool by DVDVideoSoft gives you access to HTML5 video conversion and playing. You can choose from the given presets or create and customize your own. This tool is designed particularly for HTML5 needs. So, if you need other features look out for the others on this list.
  1. Cool name right? This is a website that offers you more than hundred tools for editing and converting, with this vast exposure it surely has gained popularity among users

These are the best 5 websites and tools that’ll help you get the job done, hope you are satisfied.

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