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5 Ways To Get A Jump On Spring Cleaning

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Spring is just around the corner, meaning that spring cleaning is soon to follow. Spring is an excellent time to store winter clothing and gear, and pull out warm weather clothing and sporting accessories. During this process, many families take the opportunity to clean, organized, and downsize their belongings. Below are 5 ways to get a jump on spring cleaning.

5 Ways To Get A Jump On Spring Cleaning

Learn The Importance Of Sorting While Cleaning

While spring cleaning, Good Housekeeping suggests sorting items into at least 3 different categories—keep, toss, and donate. Those who enjoy hosting summer yard or garage sales, can also create a fourth category for the items they hope to sell. Also consider selling things online, both locally or nationwide. Just make sure that the “sell” bins do not grow so large that it defeats the purpose of downsizing. Those who have limited space, or a growing family—may also create a fifth category for storage.

Pull Everything Out Of The Closets

An excellent place to start, is with primary storage areas such as closets and cupboards. According to Pure Wow in an article on Huffington Post, pulling everything out of one closet at a time, and then sorting the contents into the categories mentioned above. As items are placed back into the closet, things will be easier to find—and there will likely be more room available for new items.

Invest In New Organizational Tools

While cleaning and re-organizing, the need for new organizational tools may become apparent. This includes anything from decorative storage containers, closet organizers, under the bed storage boxes, garage storage units, and even hooks or shelves that can be added to the wall. Do not forget to consider investing in furniture designed to increase storage, such as an ottoman with a built-in storage compartment—or an armoire.

Consider Ways Of Repurposing Items

Spring cleaning is often a time when home and business owners reevaluate how functional their home or business is. While cleaning an organization is important, also consider if each and every electronic item or piece of furniture is still necessary. Spring cleaning is an excellent time to consider factors such as whether or not moving to an entirely wireless electronic system is of benefit—and the freedom and flexibility such changes can make in each room. For example, having the freedom to move the TV anywhere in the room, means that furniture placement is far less limited.

Store What Is Not Needed

Over the years, memorabilia and keepsakes accumulate which are impossible to part with—yet are not required on a daily basis. This includes family photo albums, yearbooks, athletic trophies, and family keepsakes. On top of that, there are many items that are needed only on occasion. This includes seasonal sporting equipment, holiday decorations, and seasonal clothing. To decrease clutter—and free up more room in the garage or in closets, consider placing these items in storage. Moving experts Door to Door recommend considering the convenience of storing items in storage pods, which can be dropped off at a home or business to fill at leisure—then transferred to a safe, secure, and temperature controlled storage facility until contents are needed. Pods can even be used to move from one location to another

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