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5 Ways To Effectively Relieve Stress

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Stress contributes to many mental, emotional and physical problems that can hamper your quality of life. Whether your stress relates to your work or home life, there are some ways that you can try to alleviate much of this tension. Any of these stress-relief methods may be effective for you.

5 Ways to Effectively Relieve Stress

Remain Present

Focusing on the present can help your mind focus and will give you the opportunity to calm yourself. Stressful thoughts are often related to past and future situations, and thinking about the present moment is a great way to lower your stress levels. If possible, try going to a quiet room and sit while you focus on the serenity of the moment. You can also go for a five-minute walk and think about how the outdoor air feels and how the surrounding environment looks.

Write in a Journal

When you start to feel stressed, you might benefit from writing your thoughts down in a journal. Seeing these thoughts in written form can help you make better sense of your feelings and will allow you to find a better way to overcome them. Be as honest as you can when recording these thoughts so that you can get to the heart of the matter. You can go back later and read the thoughts that you’ve written in your journal to identify any patterns that you can work to resolve.


Meditation has long been promoted as one of the best stress-relief exercises. Meditation involves using relaxed breathing and tranquil thoughts to bring the body and mind into a state of relaxation. Author Ilchi Lee has created the Brain Wave Vibration meditation method, which combines aspects of traditional Korean therapy with contemporary knowledge of the brain and has been shown to improve sleep and boost energy levels. In addition to the method created by Ilchi Lee, you can try Zen, Vipassana and Transcendental forms of meditation to get the results that you want.

Get Fit

Numerous studies have shown how exercise relieves stress. When you exercise, the endorphin levels in your body increase and can improve your mood. The improved blood flow and increased oxygen intake will also help you alleviate some of your tension. Your mind will be forced to think about the exercises that you’re doing at that moment instead of wandering off into more stressful thoughts. Simply going for a walk or jog around your neighborhood can improve the state of your body and mind. You can also try swimming, cycle or be doing some aerobics.

Eat Right

Not only will eating the right foods help you stay physically fit, you can dramatically reduce your stress when you make the proper food choices. Green leafy vegetables are loaded with folate, which prompts the brain to produce more dopamine and make you calmer. Blueberries have the power to reverse some of the harmful effects of stress on the body by increasing your antioxidants. Even a small square of dark chocolate can limit the production of stress hormones. Other good foods to eat for stress-relief include yogurt, oatmeal and turkey breast.

Stress shouldn’t dominate your life, and you have the power to take better control of your body and mind. These stress-management techniques come with many benefits and are easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

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