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5 Ways To Be More Confident

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Many of us have felt rather uncomfortable in social settings, networking events and meeting places. We often don’t have the confidence to say our opinions. In this case, self confidence is a very important thing in many aspects of our lives. Yet many of us are still struggling with this. In fact, many projects can be stalled because people are unsure of themselves or too nervous to make important decisions.

Successful people are those who can answer questions with ease, hold their head high and speak clearly with others. Our self confidence can inspire others and leaders need to inspire their teams. Here are things we should do to boost our confidence:

Five Ways To Be More Confident

1. Be fully prepared:

Whether you’re about to make a presentation or simply attend a meeting, it is important to prepare ourselves. We should know where we are going, what we are going to say, what we are going to wear, what we hope to achieve and who we want connect with. In reality, many people rarely consider what kind of successful results they need to get.

By being more prepared, we can remain confident and fully control ourselves during the event. Important executives need to perform dry run of upcoming events, especially if they are in control.

2. Ask for feedback:

We should get proper feedback from others. We need to take proper time to review our meetings and find out how to make things go well. We should pat ourselves on the back if we do well. It is also a good idea to consider things that we should do differently the next time. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for previous failures and mistakes. In fact, we should consider them as new benchmarks and motivators to help us progress further:

3. Use proper body language:

Our stance can be a very powerful unspoken communication. Many women are shorter and smaller than their male counterparts. For this reason, they need to use proper body language to make themselves appear bigger than they are. They can achieve this by standing confidently with hands on the feet and by putting both feet shoulder-length apart. This way, we can be more confident and appear more in control. Women can also place their hands on the hips and always sit tall.

4. Use proper voices:

Our voices are a very amazing instrument. We should communicate with proper intonations. Many of us make mistake by using questions marks at the end of their statements. This may cause them to appear uncertain or indecisive. People who seem to ask often may appear that they need approval for things they do. We should use our voices as a way to project our confident personality.

5. Listen more often:

Confident people are actually good listeners. But when they do speak, they speak concisely and clearly. Confident people often avoid using fancy words and know how to get their points across. It is much better to pause for awhile than saying useless filler words like ahs or umm.

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