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5 Ways Baseball Players Can Improve Their Vertical Jumps

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Often, baseball players need to jump just a few inches higher to make a dunk. Fortunately, there are ways we can do to improve vertical jumps and we could do them without any kind of equipment. Some of these exercises could be moderately difficult, while others are reasonably intense. Regardless of the methods we choose, we should always work hard to gain favourable results. Here ways to greatly improve our vertical jumps.

1. Stretching

Stretching is a good way to improve vertical jumps. We could stretch to loosen up muscles used for the actual jumps. Stretching is important for people who exercise intensely. Physical activities may tighten up our muscles if we do them repeatedly. Without good stretching it is possible that our muscles start to hurt in specific range of motion. Stretching could also make our body more flexible. One good stretching method is “turning lunge” and it could prepare our muscles for repeated jumps. We can be in a lunge position by putting one leg back. For best result, each leg should get three different sets and with frequent stretching, it is possible to add 2 more inches on our vertical jumps.

2. Calf raise

It is a good exercise to improve our vertical jump. We could do this exercise in many different ways and a common way is by standing on a stair, but without allowing our heels to touch the ground. We may rise up on our toes as far as we can and complete a full range of motion by coming back down. Calves can become stronger as we add more weight. It is a good exercise to improve our calf muscle, which is essential for vertical jumps.

5  Ways Baseball Players Can Improve Their Vertical Jumps

3. Jump rope

Jump rope is a very simple and easy exercise. Jump rope strengthens our calf muscle, while making our body gets used to vertical jumps. This physical activity may also contribute to better vertical jumps. However, we shouldn’t bore ourselves by doing typical jump ropes. As an example, we could jump twice or switch our feet between each swing. We could try many different jump rope techniques to experiment with the one that make us feel comfortable.

4. Jump

This is the actual training of making our muscles, bones and mind more conditioned to vertical jumps. We could try to jump with as much as effort as possible. This will strengthen specific muscles, making it easier for us to jump higher. Our natural jumping stances will improve if we perform vertical jumps consistently.

5. Box Jumps

Box jumps can improve our vertical jumps and we could do this by jumping onto a box and jump off quickly. We may try with smaller box first and then, we can proceed with bigger ones. We could jump from front to back and then from side to side. It is recommended to mix both jumping styles in one session. This should increase our muscle strength. We may also squat to further strengthen leg muscles and this should also enhance our vertical jump.

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