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5 Valuable Tips For Setting Wireless Netgear Router

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If you want to complete the process of Netgear Extender Setup, you should first set up your wireless router to make it up and running with other devices. Wireless devices are those that have made human life much easy. They did not let its valuable users stick with the desktop all the time. They want its user to roam freely all over the house. That is why wireless devices don’t need any cable to connect with each other.

Note: You would need a temporary wiring to connect your computer and the range extender for login.

Before going further with the process of new extender setup, let us first set up a wireless router network.

Do you know the fact that computers at home and offices can easily be connected by the means of wireless networking?

Setting up a wireless network with the Netgear router keeps your data and personal information away and protected from unidentified people and unauthorized source. In that case, you would acquire to follow certain and valuable guidelines to set up a safe, secure and reliable network with a valid IP address.

  1. Connect to Modem

First of all, you have to turn off your modem and take it closer to the router. Temporary connect them both with the help of an Ethernet cable and then plug them both into an electric wall socket. Remember, both the devices supposed to be away from heat, dust and a load of malicious files. Both should be placed at a center location of the house.

  1. Connect to Computer

Grab another Ethernet cable and connect it to the router. Remember, your PC supposed to be free from the load of malware, browsing history, cache and cookies. If they are not, consider clearing it before moving forward.

  1. Turn your Router On

In normal electricity, plug your router into a power outlet. The device supposed to be away from neighbors as well as the household WiFi devices. The live internet connection coming from your router is a lot helpful in completing any of your setups. Also, it will provide you the reach of WiFi networking to the far corners of the house.

  1. Configure your Network

Do you have a paper pen handy with you? If not, grab it and note down the default IP address of your wireless router (default). After that, open a web browser and type the default series of IP address into a field of the address bar. Now, insert a valid username and password (default) that is provided to you by the device manufacturer.

Note: Consider changing the default details after the process of configuration. Ask technical support for the issues regarding the same or any on toll-free number 1-888-884-6940.

  1. Wireless Security Settings

Choose the perfect, strong and unique SSID that would be difficult to identify by the unknown source and unidentified traffic. The network name shouldn’t exceed the limit of 8 characters.

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Moreover, wireless routers in today’s world of modern technology include flowing types of security.

None: – No Security that means it is not recommended for our valuable users especially when you are living in a large building or area surrounded by people. In that case, we would like to insist create an extra strong password that limit shouldn’t exceed the limit of 15-16 characters.

WEP: -It may interest you to know that the older version of security used for wireless networking with best options is now available for its valuable users. Remember, this type of security gives a unique key to connect instead of a password.

WPA-PSK [AES]: -This would be the newer version of security using N support that gives you the best security ever to protect your device form unidentified/ unknown people.

WPA-PSK [TKIP]: – This is known as the best security as compared to WEP. A new version of wireless devices is end to end secured by WPA security protocols.

If there are still doubts left in your mind, don’t delay to call our tech support team.

Now, let us help you with some valuable points for completing the process of WiFi Range Extender Setup.

  • Extender and the router should be overheated. They are supposed to be plugged into a place that is away from interference creating WiFi devices.
  • The computer you are using to connect with a range extender shouldn’t be congested with browsing history and malicious files.
  • Before tying mywifiext into a field of the address bar, make sure that you have the login details (default) handy with you. If you don’t have, ask same to the experts working worldwide on the toll-free number mentioned above.

The tech support team provides you with complete help and guidance related to Netgear Extender Setup, router setup or login issues. You are free to call us any time of the day or night. You are more than welcome. We never leave our customers in trouble.

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