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5 Tips On Transforming Your Simple Kitchen Into An Extravagant One

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Adding the luxury quotient to your house can be done without hiring an interior designer. This is something that’s not known to many. Simply focus on adding things that make the space more elegant and welcoming by using items that are explicably detailed or ornate.

5 Tips On Transforming Your Simple Kitchen Into An Extravagant One

Similarly, a kitchen may highlight different aspects to different people. If you enjoy cooking, then you may be looking to add high-end appliances and convenient workspaces to make your kitchen luxurious.

In several homes, the kitchen is more of a family-get-together space or a comfortable area to enjoy a warm meal. Such households may want to focus on including decorative seating arrangements. They can also invest in a classic dining table, curtains, place mats, and a floral centerpiece to turn the kitchen into a lavish place to enjoy good food. So, before you start remodeling your kitchen, decide on a theme and sort your priorities.

Read on to know how you can transform your kitchen to echo luxury:

  1. Let It Be Floored

In addition to being practical and durable, your kitchen floor should also make a major design statement. The choice of flooring can impact the other elements of kitchen décor. With a variety of materials, colors and textures for flooring available, the options are nearly endless. Select the one that brings luxury right down to the floor! Hire a floor polisher at regular intervals to keep it glazed.

Wood is a popular flooring choice for an elegant kitchen. It’s comfortable underfoot and instills warmth in the kitchen space. Opt for prefinished wood floors as they can withstand heavy traffic and tough stains. Even high-pressure plastic laminates can add a suave look to your kitchen, and that too for less money.

  1. Replace the Unusable

Kitchens are often the first spaces where people begin their home-improvement initiatives. For a large space, a kitchen island will be perfect to place small kitchen appliances and experiment with new recipes. Buy the best-quality sink to replace the old one in your kitchen island. Remember to check the price, finish and shape when choosing a faucet.

Replace worn-out cabinet doors with new ones that will provide a sleek new look to your kitchen. Try glass or high-gloss doors to hike the glam quotient of the kitchen space. Alternatively, go minimalistic and eliminate doors in some areas. Instead, create open shelving to flaunt your fine cutlery.

  1. Think of the Long Haul

Focus on the floor plan of the kitchen as it can help you remodel the entire space with much ease. Think through the drastic changes before implementing them. You can try open layouts with a kitchen island for creating space for a counter and a classic dining area.

Using good-quality materials when remodeling your kitchen can ensure that the cabinets and woodwork last several years. Read about the durability of the materials you plan to use. For instance, laminate countertops, solid wood cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances will remain in good condition for years.

  1. State-of-the-Art Appliances

Consider the practical use of your appliances and make room for them even in a luxurious kitchen. When designing a new kitchen, remember to buy only the latest kitchen tools and gadgets. This way, the appliances will not become obsolete for a long time. If you aren’t going to use too many appliances, then stick to a few common kitchen appliances, apart from a modern stove, microwave oven and a refrigerator.

  1. Make the Space Enjoyable

Entertainment gadgets can significantly increase the luxury aspect of your kitchen design. Even though this space may not be used primarily for watching television, a kitchen that is ready to take on a party is undeniably a luxurious one! Some of the best items that you can place on the kitchen counter can be a wine chiller or a serving tabletop.

Additionally, include some greenery in your kitchen area to give it a sophisticated feel. Place a few in-house herbs on the window-sill. They will not only look beautiful, but will also be functional.

To Sum Up

Creating a gorgeous, spacious kitchen space can make your cooking spot stand out in the house. Incorporate some decorative accessories, personal mementos, and interesting textiles in it to create a unique design and lend it a warm feel. Go all out and opt for big and bold decorative pieces as they will transform your humble kitchen space into a grand one.

Author’s Bio:

Korie Cantor is a writer who writes about living and lifestyle. She possesses a great sense of style and loves to share her thoughts about fashion and it’s latest trends. Follow her @koriecantor

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