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5 Things To Consider While Buying An MRI Machine

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Whether you venture out to replace obsolete diagnostic imaging equipment such as an MRI machine or are looking to buy a new one, it is vital to select the right equipment for the right place!

Though an MRI machine will help you grow your practice if you are a doctor, it is vital to consider some points when you want to buy an MRI machine.

If you are looking out for an easy finance option to help you buy the MRI machine, zeroing on the medical equipment loan is a prudent thing to do.

5 Things To Consider While Buying An MRI Machine

1. Price

When it comes to purchasing any machine, let alone an MRI machine, it should be your prime duty to note the price of the product. You should not only look at the final price of the MRI machine but also know how much money it will take to maintain the machine. Another vital thing to consider is – what would be the cost of its replacement parts or accessories and compare it with other brands. Knowing these details inside out will help with easy decision-making.

2. Is the machine environment-friendly?

Is the MRI machine that you intend to avail is environment-friendly or not? Being environment-friendly means whether the machine emits any smog or any other hearth hazardous rays which may be dangerous for staffs and patients? You need not rule out all blemishes before purchasing a new MRI machine.

3. What about the ease of usage?

When you install an MRI machine to grow your practice, you will become dependent on it to give you diagnosis results to help better treat patients. Now, when you are going to depend on the machine, you would need to know the ease of usage before the purchase! Why? Knowing how the machine functions and how easy to or hard it is to make it function are the major things that you would need to know to operate it smoothly.

4. Service contract

Before purchasing an MRI machine, it should be your duty to know the duration of the warranty of the manufacturer as it defers from maker to maker. Once the warranty period terminates, it becomes even vital to distinguish what conditions and service contract conditions are available. Is the service agreement extensive or short-term? What about the auto-renewal and the cancellation charges? What about a getting a guaranteed response time and other things involved in the service contract? Knowing these before buying an MRI machine will help you manage it better!

5. What about the technical support?

Since you are going to be dependent on an MRI machine to diagnose patients, you can’t afford it defunct and suffer loss. Yes, when your patients would know that your MRI machine is not working, they may not come to your clinic, and go somewhere else and you may have to suffer. As a result, it is crucial to know from the dealer about the technical support that you will get once your MRI machine needs a repair. Knowing the details about technical support such as what will be the response time to issues, how long it will take for the repair to happen and more should be your prime duty.

The Bottom Line

You can turn up to avail loan for medical equipment up to Rs.30 lakh with a speedy approval, reduced interest rate, and many more benefits to purchase an MRI machine. But, you should make it a point to consider discussed factors to make the most of your MRI machine purchase!

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