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5 Simple Business Communication Skill Hacks

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Are you an effective communicator at work? Do you know what it means to be an effective communicator?

Many people assume that the sending of a message means that communication has happened. In reality, communication doesn’t happen until a message has been sent, received AND understood. And then there are the other layers of communication including effective listening, how messages are sent and more. With all that in mind, here are five simple business communication skill hacks to help you improve this important skillset.

5 Simple Business Communication Skill Hacks

Use your Listening Ears

As kindergarten teachers say to their students, use your listening ears more often to be a better communicator. Contrary to the beliefs of some, communication is more about listening than speaking. So, try to talk less and listen more at work.

By making this simple change, you’ll show an interest in your co-workers and will learn more from them. To listen effectively, tune in to what the other person is saying and repeat important messages back to them to be sure you understand them correctly.

Simplify your Words

In the words of Albert Einstein, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Corporate jargon has taken over the business world and often complicates uncomplicated messages. Don’t let it take over your office as well.

Avoid the trap of jargon by swapping complicated words for simpler versions. And, if you can replace five words with one word, do it. By honing your messages, you can connect better with co-workers and will avoid being viewed as arrogant.

Set Standards

Does your office have a list of standards for how and when your internal communication channels should be used? If not, the lack of standards could be causing miscommunications.

Simple changes like training staff on when to ‘reply all’ or when to take a group email conversation to a one-on-one setting can yield major results. The communication channels that are used within your company are the foundation of your internal communications, so build them with care.

Be Honest

According to 6 Tips for Improving your Business Communication Skills, don’t sidestep around issues with your co-workers. Instead, be honest about your frustrations and address issues as they happen rather than letting them build. Of course, you should ALWAYS maintain a professional tone and attitude when discussing sensitive topics. But, the sooner you resolve conflicts, the better.

Tailor your Message

Be a better communicator by tailoring your messages to each recipient. For example, a presentation given to management should be different than one given on the same topic to all staff. By first knowing your audience, you can communicate in a way that effectively peaks their interests.

Don’t be a bad communicator at work. Instead, use your listening ears, simplify your messages, set communication standards at work and more to improve your office’s internal communications.

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