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5 Signs That Your Web Designer Is Terrible!

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It’s been over 10 years since I developed a website for my very first client and I’ll just confess that I was really terrible web designer back then. I was struggling for many years for several reasons. As a matter of fact, below you’ll see what I was guilty of. Anyways, eventually I learned the perfect web designing process the hard way, through research, determination and experience. Today, I think I can say that I’m a very good web designer.

But, what I’ve noticed is, that many web designers make the same mistakes which I made when I started my journey. I hope this article will be helpful for those who already hired or are going to hire a web designer. And, if you’re still confused where to find one, I would strongly suggest visiting this website: before you go anywhere else. Also, if you’re a web designer, you might wanna pay close attention to this article because I’ve shared 5 ways that can tell, if you’re terrible web designer.

#1: The Price is Under $1000

If your web designer gives you a quotation under $1000 bucks, then chances are your designer is terrible. I know we all wish we could spend under $1000 dollars and make millions, but if it was that easy, everyone would do it right?

Just looking a way to get your work done at cheap rates, don’t compromise the quality of the designing services. For instance, you can easily buy a car for $1000 dollars but again, you’ll get what you paid for. And, if you still think you can get your website developed under $1000 bucks, over time, you’re gonna come crawling back to the web designer. Now the difference will be, you’re gonna have to pay for a good web designer, plus the costs of really cheap web designer.

#2: The Headset Hottie

‘Headset Hottie’ is actually a common joke among digital marketers. It’s a photo of a beautiful female with a headset on. This photo is generally found on the contact us pages of different websites, sidebars or sometimes even in the header. Terrible web designers have common tendency of adding such images to their clients’ websites for years. But, like I said, a headset hottie won’t increase your phone calls or sales. It will just make your website look cheap and silly. So, be careful! Or your website might get featured in

#3: No Weekly Call

Every new website project starts off with momentum of energy and excitement. It’s important to maintain that momentum throughout the web design project. If your web designer loses regular contact, chances are that your project will lose its momentum.

So, your web designer should be in a regular contact with you weekly, if daily is not possible. But, demand to fix a time and day each week until your project is done.

#4: Your Web Designer’s Number 1 Goal is Creativity

Well, it’s completely wrong to make creativity a number 1 goal of your website. In a survey by the hubspot, only 10% of users said that the most important factor should be beautiful appearance. And, the rest voted for an organized content as their most important factor and it’s true as well! The more organized content you’ll have on your website, the longer users will stay on your website. Therefore, make sure that your web designer’s priorities are correct.

#5: They’re in Different Country

I’ve been a web designer about 13 years and I can promise you that you’ll need a lot of experience to work with developers and web designers in other countries. Yes, they can be cheaper, but if you don’t exactly know how to vet web designers, the chances are that you’re gonna find a terrible web designer, who doesn’t even know the above 4 things.

Conclusion: If you, being a web designer completely disagree with anything that I said above, there are exceptions to every rule. But, in my experience, if you fire or hire by the above signs, I can guarantee that your site will be successful and will make you a lot of money.

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