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5 Reasons Your MacBook Is Slow And Their Fixes

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All machines gradually wear out and MacBooks are no exceptions. However, they are strong and sturdy machines and with time, there are issues that may afflict it which can be corrected. This means that when a Macbook gets slow, there are certain reasons behind it which once dealt with go away and the Macbook starts working perfectly fine.

Here are the 5 reasons Macbooks may get slow and their fixes:

A Full Hard Drive

This is perhaps one of the most common problems because of which the speed of a Macbook will be affected. This one has an easy fix. Just clean up the hard drive. However, knowing items that need to be uninstalled can be a bit of a rut. The best solution is to install a good cleaning tool for Macbooks and it will take care of the rest.

5 Reasons Your MacBook Is Slow And Their Fixes

Old OS

An older version of the OS will be slower than a new one. One of the main reasons newer versions are released every now and then is to improve the performance of the machine and make it work faster. Thus, if you still have the older version, it is time to upgrade. You’ll find the newer version on the App Store. In case the system is still running slow, there is no need the worry. The odds are that there is a problem with the disk permissions which need to be repaired.

Startup Issues

At times, there are so many programs that start when you turn on the Macbook that it slows the machine down. The solution is simple for this one too. All you have to do is manage your start up items so that there are just the basic programs running when you switch your Macbook on. To change the settings, go to system preferences. From there choose Users & Groups and login with your username. From here remove all applications you think you do not require on start up.

Background Programs

More often than not, you do not realize that there are a number of programs running in the background and there is a limit to the burden that your Macbook can take. Moreover, if there is too much going on in the background, it becomes difficult for the machine to run the simplest of applications. The fix again is simple. Open the activity monitor and select all processed that are running without any purpose. To really know which programs are slowing down your machine, you can click on the Memory tab and programs will appear in the order of the amount of space they’re taking.

Old Hardware

There is the unfortunate probability that your machine is really old. In such a case, a fix is not possible because it is time to upgrade your Macbook. If you cannot afford to buy a new laptop, then upgrading the hardware is the other option. However, this may cost as well.

At the end of the day, there could be a lot of other reasons that are slowing your Macbook down. However, the above are some of the most common ones.

Miranda Stevenson is a young entrepreneur and a fitness fanatic. She likes to read up on the latest technology and refers to this website for any laptop repairs.

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