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5 Reasons Why You Should Look Into Someone’s Background Before Offering Employment

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Employers regularly perform a background check on a prospective employee. They are somewhat restricted in this through the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but the practice does still continue. There are five key reasons as to why this is understandable.

5 Reasons Why You Should Look Into Someone's Background Before Offering Employment

  1. It Avoids Negligent Hiring Charges

All employers are legally obliged to offer their employees reasonable protection from harm when at work. By completing a background check, they ensure someone who could potentially harm others is flagged up. This is particularly important in security maintenance, goods transportation, work with children or vulnerable adults, and so on. Completing this check ensures employers can make proper decisions in terms of who they hire. It also helps to confirm the applicant’s identity, thereby making sure no identity theft is being committed. Mainly, however, it ensures that if something does go wrong, the employer can prove that this did not happen through their negligence.

  1. It Is Regulated by Federal and State Laws

If a company provides their services to the aged, juveniles, or children, they are mandated to complete background checks. This is also true for those who work for health institutions and those who work with disabled people. It is also common for people who take on government positions in which a security clearance is required to be checked. This is usually done through the FBI or the National Crime Information Center, however, who hold information above and beyond that what is available through a simple public records check.

  1. It Confirms the Information that the Applicant Supplied

It is very common for people to lie on their resume, adding qualifications and experience they don’t actually have. It is understandable that they do this, because competition is so fierce. However, this does not mean that it is also acceptable. Furthermore, it doesn’t just work in terms of finding someone out for a liar, it also confirms whether the disposition of an individual is as it appears through their resume. For instance, if someone is shown to have a very poor credit rating due to unpaid bills, then they may not be suitable for a position of cashier.

  1. It Is a Natural Result of Widespread Terrorism and Corporate Fraud

An employer will always want to make sure that they haven’t hired someone who is a risk to national security. Because terrorism is a very real threat right now, performing a background check is almost a necessity. Similarly, making sure corporate executives do not engage in fraud is vital to the overall success of the business.

  1. It Is Easy to Complete a Background Check

Last but not least, completing a background check is very easy to do. All public records are now available online, so you can find them so long as you know where to look. Alternatively, you can work with a service provider, who will use the information you provide to find arrest records and more, albeit for a fee.

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