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5 Reasons To Choose Quadrant Shower Enclosures

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Don’t know which doors to choose for your shower? Well, there are number of shower enclosures available that are beautiful to look and also serve your purpose of having a door as a safety net. Quadrant shower enclosure are the type of doors that are gaining popularity among masses. They feature toughened safety glass that will assure your peace of mind along with different types of sizes and styles to provide you a wider range to choose from.

Quadrant shower enclosures are a curved structure that is an amazing alternative to traditional doors which were plain square or rectangle. These are the perfect for bathrooms where space is minimum and you are looking for something modern, sleek and sophisticated.

5 Reasons To Choose Quadrant Shower Enclosures

These Quadrant shower doors that will make your bathroom complete as described below:

  1. Space Utility

Quadrant Shower enclosures have a curved shape that allows it to sit in the corner discreetly.  They are often referred as a corner shower enclosure or curved glass shower enclosure because of their shape and positioning. These doors can easily fit into a corner without taking up much space while leaving lots of room which you can utilize for other purposes.   

  1. Best For Small Bathrooms

These shower enclosures are best for the bathrooms that are small in area. If you don’t have a large space for your bathroom, don’t be upset as these enclosures will make your bathroom look roomy and spacious. You can get to avail the benefit of those small corners by installing these doors all the while providing you with a special nook of privacy.

  1. Lots of options

You want a wider range of options to choose from? Great! Quadrant showers are the best option as they offer variety of doors in terms of different sizes according to your needs. There are different types of Quadrant doors as in corner sliding door, hinge door, offset quadrant door and offset quadrant sliding door, which provides you with a wide range to select from. You can even go for different types of glasses in terms of its thickness and quality.

  1. Stylish yet Practical

Quadrant shower enclosures are practical in terms of their positioning as they can be easily fit into a corner without much hindrance. They are easy to install and took up little space which adds to its practical nature. These doors are modern, classy and stylish with their different and elegant structuring while providing with a sophisticated look.

  1. Suitable For Accessories

They are suitable for you, if you want to add other accessories in terms of wetroom floor and shower trays. A wetroom is a tiled area under the shower which is bigger than a normal shower while providing the functionality of a traditional shower. Shower trays are the base of a shower enclosure which is also known as shower enclosure. They are available in different shapes, sizes, styles, materials and dimension. So, if you are looking for shower trays and wetroom floor for your bathroom, it perfectly fits your requirement.

Quadrant shower enclosures are the best option for you in terms of all the features specified here. They are also easy to clean which helps you out in the maintenance department while saving your time and effort.  You can have that perfect shower enclosure which is fulfilling your need of a door for privacy while providing you an appearance to appreciate.

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