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5 Immediately Useful Ways To Grow Your SMS List

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You recognize the power of SMS marketing and are ready to pull the trigger on this tactic. The only problem is; your current list of SMS subscribers is embarrassingly small. Never fear. Here are five ways you can immediately begin growing your SMS list.

5 Immediately Useful Ways To Grow Your SMS List

Make your Print Ads Catchy

Are print ads part of your current marketing strategy? If so, begin adding a catchy keyword to your ads with a prompt for readers to text a keyword to you to receive a special offer. This is an effective way to grow your list while also providing a value add to new subscribers. This added value can immediately solidify the relationship of new subscribers to your text list.

As a side benefit, you can use this tactic to track the effectiveness of your print ads. For example, use a different keyword for each ad you purchase and track how many new SMS subscribers you receive through each keyword.

Place Signage Strategically

According to 6 Creative Ways to Grow Your Nightclub’s Mass Texting List, one of the best places to capture new SMS subscribers is within your business. Guests who are currently engaged with and enjoying your company are typically more willing to opt in to receive your marketing messages.

Strategically place signage in high traffic areas throughout your business with a prompt for guests to subscribe to receive your texts. Be sure to include a valuable reason for people to opt into your list. Also, if possible, train your employees to include mention of your SMS marketing during conversations with customers.

Cross Promote

Harness the power of your current social media presences to grow your SMS list. For example, if you have a large following on Facebook, post an update encouraging followers to opt-in to receive your texts. Of course, you’ll need to provide an explicit benefit of receiving your texts that’s different from the benefit offered by following your Facebook page.

Host Contests

One of the most powerful ways to grow any type of marketing list is through contests. Host a contest that requires consumers to text you to enter. Include a notation that, by texting to enter the contest, they will also be opting in to receive future texts from your business. Keep the contest simple and follow through on any initial promises made such as the date by which you’ll announce the contest’s winner.

Reward Loyalty

Your current SMS subscribers are a powerful force that can help multiply your list. Reward your most loyal customers by offering a discount, free product or another perk for each new subscriber they bring to your text list. Even better, offer the discount to both the current subscriber and the newly recruited subscriber so that both benefit.

No matter the current size of your SMS list, there are many fast and efficient ways to make it bigger. From cross promoting your SMS marketing to hosting texting contests, start using these tips today.

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