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5 Features That Justify The Cost Of New Samsung Galaxy s5

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Samsung has been in the smartphone market since long now and has been the leader in terms of providing the latest technology smartphones at affordable prices. At the same time it has also come up with flag ship phones that have taken the market by storm by proving extremely powerful and good looking devices that can form personal style statements. Not only are these phones smart but they are complete entertainment devices combined with personal assistants. The latest from the Samsung stable the Samsung galaxy S5 is the latest phone that has been wooing the customers and has taken the world by storm.

5 Features That Justify The Cost Of New Samsung Galaxy s5

  • The Camera

The phone features one of the most powerful camera in the market. This sixteen mega pixel camera is very powerful and clicks clear and bright pictures. The phone does not have any special image stabilization software but the camera works well enough even in the low light conditions. The camera also has a very fast auto focus speed. There is also the selective focus mode that helps in auto blurring of the background – great effect for all the pictures. Do check the upcoming samsung galaxy s7 camera details aswell.

  • The Screen

The screen is larger in size than the previous version and yet the phone feels almost the same to hold in the hand. There is also the super amoled display that has the users swooning over the picture clarity and the vividness of the colours that are on display. And even with all this the phone screen has been designed and built in such a manner that one can easily use it even in the bright sunlight. There is no glare and the screen is bright enough for all conditions. The phone also adjusts colours on the screen dynamically depending on the colour of the lighting.

  • The Body and the Construction

The phone is water proof and hence perfect for taking outdoors or on holidays. One does not have to worry even if one gets wet in the rain. The construction is also very classy and the phone looks good to see and hold.

  • Fingerprint Scanner for Security

The device has a finger print scanner for enhanced security. This means that the phone can be unlocked only using the fingerprints of the owner. This means all the data on the phone is secure. Even the device is secure in the case of theft. One can remotely wipe out the data from the device and since the device cannot be unlocked hence it renders the phone useless to the thief.

  • The Hardware

The hardware including the software the GPU and the RAM is the best that is there in the market. This means that the phone can run all kinds of apps without any lag and one does not have to worry about any hang ups. The battery is also sufficiently large to power the phone even with heavy usage which is impressive considering the phone’s hardware configuration. The phone also offers various connectivity options to suit all kinds of networks.

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