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3 Reasons We Can’t Get Good Search Ranking

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Many SEO professional regularly see their competitors’ link on better positions in the search results, while their own websites continue to flail behind in the 10th page or more. Websites that rank well in search engine could get much better results and it is important for us to find ways to deal with this situation.  However, we should know reasons why it is difficult to gain good ranking positions:

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1.Our Websites are still relatively New

Although getting indexed by search engine is relatively easy, especially if we have original, interesting and unique content; getting ranked well in search engine can be rather difficult. Among many factors included in the search engine algorithm is the age of the website. Older websites have better credibility than new ones, because many users have used them for references. Like in real life, gaining credibility in our niche would require time and we should do multiple optimizations. But in general, we should be able to provide something valuable and unique for users. Eventually, users will deem our content and website as of value and search engines will consider the same thing. In general, search engines prefer blog-type websites, due to their rich content. We can build credibility and reputation by writing proper articles. Our content should be focused on keywords and topics that are in demand and few other blogs discuss. We could post the content in our blog and syndicate it in popular article submission websites. It is also a good idea to find long tail keywords for our niche. We may also need to tweak existing pages, by adding new keywords to improve their online attractiveness.

3 Reasons We Can’t Get Good Search ranking

2.We rely Too much on Old Domain Name

Many people believe that they can rank better by purchasing old domain name for their new website. We may have paid big bucks for our domain name, but we neglect the usual steps in how to promote it. For search engines, the age of the domain, doesn’t really matter. For SEO purposes, it is better to have a completely brand new domain name, but we are willing to allocate enough time update it and add new content.

3.The Competition is absolutely Intense

There are cases when we need to deal with very intense competitions for specific keywords that we choose. The top competition could beat us by a few thousands of quality backlinks. Building these links manually could be very expensive and time consuming. These successful websites can gain many links through simple SEO technology that is by providing high quality links. Many new website owners may not realize that SEO requires good strategy to work well, which involves proper link building efforts, page optimization, good keyword selections and great content.

We shouldn’t be too disappointed by our poor initial results. Good ranking can be achieved progressively if we are persistent enough in offering good things for the audience. There are dozens of things we could do counter our disadvantages.

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