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5 Diet Changes To Achieve A Healthy Life

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According to the CDC, America is still in the midst of an obesity epidemic. This is due, in part, to a food culture that places greater emphasis on quick and easy rather than fresh and nutritious. But even those who often succumb to the temptations of tasty processed foods would likely prefer to eat healthy. The trick is to eschew fad diets and focus on practical, actionable, healthy eating tips. These are manageable changes almost anyone can make to their daily diet. And when combined with a regular gym routine, such as those on offer from Fitness 19, these changes will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Go Organic

This has become a sort-of generic rallying cry of the health industry, but there is a good reason for that: natural is best. Packaged, processed foods with a laundry list of ingredients and additives will never be good for anyone while all-natural produce and hormone-free, antibiotic-free meat are the gold standards. Aside from the obvious health benefits—organic produce is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes—locally sourced organize produce also benefits the environment. Those who visit farmers markets on a regular basis for their fruits and veggies not only support local growers but also promote sustainable consumption.

5 Diet Changes To Achieve A Healthy Life

Incorporate Smoothies

One daily16-20 ounce serving of a fruit and vegetable smoothie incorporating things like apples, avocados and berries provides more greenery in your diet than most people get all week. Smoothies are always increasing in popularity for a variety of these kinds of reasons – also they require little digestion so they won’t weigh you down. In the end, the energy boost provided by a smoothie as well as the ability to customize the drink and mix and match fruits and vegetables make for a popular and easy-to-implement dietary supplement.

Maintain a Proper pH Level

This may sound scientific, but maintaining a proper body pH level is merely about controlling your alkaline and acid intake. Vegetables are high in alkalinity and should be consumed 80% of the time compared with acidic foods, such as meat, corn, dairy, caffeine and sugar, which should be capped at 20%.

Start Small

The first meal of the day should ideally be the smallest, as a large breakfast will have the very negative effect of weighing you down and inhibiting your digestion throughout the course of the day. Starting with oats and fruits in the morning and transitioning to salads, soups and grains at lunch before enjoying a more substantial, protein-based dinner (if you are a meat eater) is an ideal daily dietary routine.

Cut Out Dairy and Gluten

Dairy is a staple of the western diet and gluten is a grain protein found in many common items such as soy sauce and beer. Dairy contains a protein called casein, which is very difficult for the body to process. The same can be said for gluten itself, which the body also has a difficult time digesting.

These are just a few tips that can help reduce poor eating habits and get you on a clear path to overall wellness. And when you combine a proper diet with regular exercise, you’re guaranteed to watch the poundage melt away.

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