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4 Ways To Spice Up Your School Uniform

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Most students feel that fashion and uniforms cannot co-exist; therefore the need to look good and follow fashion is often left unsettled or unattended. They think uniforms are just a rigid piece of fashion which is important to maintain the décor and discipline of educational institutions. However, at times they are usually mistaken because there are different ways and methods which can really spice up your fashion and make you look dashing even in a school uniform.

4 Ways To Spice Up Your School Uniform

The trick to maintaining or pulling off your fashion with uniforms is to ensure that what extra you do does not overshadow the respect of uniform and their purpose. Their purpose is to make sure everyone wears the same outfit and there is outfit war between students, the purpose is also to serve a strict decorum within schools so in their early age, students can only focus on their education. Today’s fashion blog post will be featuring four ways that can help you spice up your school uniform without really messing up with the respect or the discipline that a uniform brings.


Even at the strictest level, institutions and schools do allow certain variations in hair styles. So if you cannot play with your clothes, you have other things to change and your hair style is one of those. Hair style does not mean you start growing your hair and act like some rock star, but it means choosing a sleek and short haircut, maybe even spikes and then putting up some gel to maintain that style. You can also opt for a sleek ponytail if you are a girl, or a hair-band depending on how your hair looks and what you want to go for. You can also use other hair accessories like hair pins if you are a girl or hair gel and perfumes if you are boy as this further elevates your looks in terms of styling.

Shoes and Socks

Again, besides your outfit, you can change and bring some diversified elements with your shoes and socks. You can keep the style of the shoes as per the school requirements, but you can go for different colors or shapes. This can help you bring in a little bit of diversity in your shoes. Similarly, you can opt for multiple colors of socks as long as they go right with your pants and shoes.

Keep a Balance

Whatever you change in your looks, it is important that you maintain the right balance of things. Since you have to respect the outfit itself and ensure it does not get under the shadow of your variations so maintaining a balance is very important.

Add Some Layers to Make your Uniform Look Different

The best you can do to ensure your uniform looks cooler is add a layer of clothing over it. For example, a simple hoodie or an open jacket which is not too stylish or colorful. You can also go for over-coat over the uniform and make it look really spiced up if you are a girl. For more information on spicing up your uniform, captain america jackets and other what accessories to wear, the Instyle Jackets website is a good platform to check out.

Author Bio:

Melody Wilson is the author of this blog post. Melody works as a fashion guru for a website based out in the U.S.A region. Through the website and fashion blogs, Melody actively contributes to the online fashion world by not only arranging the latest fashion outfits and statements, but also contributing through her experienced point of views, advice and other related information at Instyle Jackets.

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