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4 Ways To Be The Fashion Diva Of Your College Easily Through Online Shopping

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If I am considered as a fashion icon amongst my peers, I would like to give the full credit to online shopping and the lucrative deals it offers. Well, let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? Hmm, Ok, let’s see, I can be easily fitted into a category of those babies who are born fashion conscious. The kind of cranky babies that make a lot of fuss until they are dressed in new clothes or given a new pair of shoes, Yes, That was ME.

By the time I reached college I was sent away to a boarding which was on the outskirts of a city, lot of hue and cry was made for not going to a place where there was no shopping mall, but obviously it was no use. My sister is six years my senior and studied in the same school and then the same college, I just followed her footsteps. If I try to recollect the whole thing now, the whole situation of terror was created by her stories on how she and her friends longed for good food and how they wore the same clothes again and again till a parcel of new clothes arrived for them from back home.

I thankfully didn’t have to face the same dilemma, thanks to the online fashion shopping sites. Online shopping fashion siteshave been really growing very fast all over the world, especially in India.  This shopping helped me to browse through the latest trends around the world and select similar styles at much lesser prices. The discounts and the deals offered by the sites made me the quintessential fashion diva, to whom everyone comes for styling tips or advice.

No more waiting for the parcels from home, now everything is just a simple click away to fulfil your whims and fancies. From lingerie to formal wear, everything was bought online by the easy cash on delivery options and easy return policies of the online shopping websites. Online shopping offers fast, easy, money saving and gives you very interesting shopping experience that is a must for the young brigade who live and breathe fashion.

Online clothes shopping is a medium for all those who are away from their family and love to send and receive gifts. Isn’t it just amazing that we can sit in our homes and shop for the latest trend of Milan or Paris?

When I saw that online shopping has gone from obscurity to ubiquity, then I readily accepted all the changes occurring around me in terms of shopping clothes. Even while staying in my accommodation with other girls, I was the first one to order clothes from the website which fascinated many of them. In the last six months, many outfits on this website have come into my wardrobe and thus, I get instant ready with a distinct outlook among all my mates.

The first thing that I bought was a pair of denims. You all know that the styles and cuts of denim fabrics have transformed by leaps and bounds over the past few years; I was surprised to see my first online order that was a pair of Marillyn Jeansthat has a pure cotton denim sheen and reflects the true power of women. It wasn’t a tough deal for me to buy it from “Online Clothes Shopping” website as the measurement chart completely satisfied me according to my figure. Every friend of mine appreciated my unique choice and even approached me for grasping some fashion tips. I was stealing the limelight of the show.

4 Ways To Be The Fashion Diva Of Your College Easily Through Online Shopping

Not even a week was over, when my best friend ordered an embellished co-ords that was no less than a style icon in itself. On the prom night, the moment she entered the palace, she killed the red carpet only by her looks. No wonder! The whole outfit was looking so mesmerising that no one could take the eyes off her. A few girls literally walked up to her for complimenting the outfit that kissed the floor from the back, but revealed the legs from the front. It was a masterpiece of the designers proving that online shopping fashion has espoused with a huge market of fashion and even with the lovely buyers. Well matched colour tones, perfect fitting, figure hugging attire, scintillating effect on the upper and the lining of the bottom; almost everything was flawless. I started believing more in online clothes shopping and ditched the local stores.

4 Ways To Be The Fashion Diva Of Your College Easily Through Online Shopping

Everyone in the hostel was getting inspired by the latest styles and timeless beauty of the outfits which we both bought.And I knew that many were going green with envy by seeing our beautiful attires that we ordered throughonline shopping fashion dresses web portals, to draw everyone’s attention.

Well, this was the beginning of our never ending quest to achieve the best of fashion and accessories through the medium of online shopping sites. I remember going on for a two-day trip, the whole plan was quite impromptu and we didn’t have any time to go to the markets to select cool and trendy outfits/accessories; so, we just logged into a fashion website to strike a pose with the new accessories: handbag, belt, scarf and clutch. What cool items we possessed by faithfully browsing the collection of, where a keen observation is laid on your curves, styling statement and outer beauty.

For a spontaneous trip, I have laid down some basics that one must purchase to have a fulfilling trip and a truck load of unique pictures :

Zebra Pattern Clutch was an ultimate essential for a trip where you need to be party ready at all times. The classy outlook and metallic tie up will make you stand out in the crowd. Everyone agrees that a college is just like a fashion house where the young girls get to know the latest trendsquite early. My friend carried this clutch along and it made her outlook extraordinary at every party we attended, as if she has come for a catwalk. Everyone was spellbound and now girls go to her to seek some new styling tips.

The next accessory which I picked for myself was the Roar Belt which has a striking tiger print that speaks for courage and bold look. I showcased it in a stylish way by wearing around the waist over a solid hued tunic. Many said that I was dressed to kill, flattering many guys and this stimulated my way of online shopping fashion to fetch all the compliments my way.

The next item that is essential on a trip is a good sturdy handbag.While hanging out with the peers, I always carried this authentic numbe, my red Grease Handbag that had all the essentials by my side From iPhone to make up tools,I was confident about using anything whenever I wanted, proving yet again that online shopping has a lot to pay in return.

Don’t forget to invest in a stylish scarf, it provides a good coverup while travelling and is a perfect accessory to revamp your outfit in an instant. A bright colured scarf can add vibrancy to any dull outfit and make you look ravishing. One day, I had to go on a lunch date with my partner when I simply took the Seafolly Scarf that has an overwhelming touch and softness. No matter with what I teamed it with, but the good words of praise didn’t leave my way that day.

4 Ways To Be The Fashion Diva Of Your College Easily Through Online Shopping4 Ways To Be The Fashion Diva Of Your College Easily Through Online Shopping4 Ways To Be The Fashion Diva Of Your College Easily Through Online Shopping

The Online Shopping Fashion was leaving a remarkable impression on my lifestyle and daily habits while buying anything. It seemed quite convenient for me to use the credit/debit cards, swiping the money through them and getting everything on the doorstep. Parties, celebrations and rhythmic ambience of hostels are as alluring as buying a new outfit hung on the dummy. The easy shopping and humungous variety available on the web makes it quite alluring for the shopaholics like me.Whether is an intercollege Fest or a normal working day, girls can easily explore the options available and get great deals. A variety is ofcourse needed in the college to disclose the fashion statements in one go. The various colours, styles, designs, reasonable rates, measurement checks are all now a click away. Everyone gets slayed by the innovative and creative outcomes of the fashionistas who steal the attention of one and all, with their on-screen beauty.

4 Ways To Be The Fashion Diva Of Your College Easily Through Online Shopping

The college going students or the working class of women are always on a lookout for new clothes and accessories that fit in their limited budget too. The thought of standing apart from the rest of the crowd is alluring enough for them to browse the fashion sites to keep their wardrobes updated.

Online clothes shopping has no defined bar as the fashion lovers choose instantly for their low-key occasions and some high profiled meetings. Dresses like Glam Doll Maxi Dress with its stylish design and economical pricing make the effort of browsing worthwhile. Its size, tailoring, length, colour tone, design, fabric and the off-shoulder cut were all those features that will grab your friends’ attention and make you the star of any evening.

4 Ways To Be The Fashion Diva Of Your College Easily Through Online Shopping

So, now when online shopping has hit the lifestyles in every way, then bring everything home that you need today. Let the exaggerated fashion tips and latest clothes never leave your wardrobe empty.

Go shopping! Stay lively!

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