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4 Ways To Add Definition To Open Spaces

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The open floor plan has been very popular with many people for several years. However, you may move into one of those homes and crave a more segmented living space. If you need to add definition to your large room by sectioning off smaller living spaces, there are many ways to do so. Included here are a few modern, architectural elements you can integrate into your remodel design to give your home a variety of living spaces.

Transparent Elements

A fairly easy way to create defined space in your home is by simply utilizing some clear elements. Some architects like to go to the extreme of turning your exterior walls transparent and having visible crossbeams. This is a large commitment and greatly changes the appearance of your home, so just to define the interior space there are simpler options.

By installing railings, such as a channelled metal rail with panels of glass, or simple wire rails, you can define rooms and spaces without losing all of your light and sense of space. Adding railings, or clear screens, can give your architecture a visual break without losing space or making it seem cramped.

4 Ways To Add Definition To Open Spaces

Overhead Elements

A subtle way to add definition to rooms, changing your ceiling between living spaces can be very eye-catching. Having a darker, paneled ceiling with a defining line to the white washed space of the living room can help show a difference in rooms without putting up a wall. By keeping the flooring the same you can maintain the flow of your space. If using materials, such as wood grooving or beams, is too in-depth of a project, simply implementing a change in paint color schemes can be enough to show definition. Be sure your lines are sharp and defined, though. Any curving or mistakes will be highly noticeable.

Suspend Elements

By integrating vertical architectural design and decor, you can pull the focal point into a set living space, instead of getting lost in the large space. This element is especially crucial if you are working in an open two-story area. By suspending a strong element through the two floors, you can help break up the large space and keep the focal point on the lower living room.

Structural Elements

Many homes have, or previously had, exposed beams in their living spaces. This is an architectural trend that has been around for decades, but can always be used to add definition to your space. Especially in an area of vaulted ceilings, the amount of depth can be lost if you use a flat base paint color. Breaking up the height with exposed beams can offer a better understanding of depth to the viewer and emphasize the change in living space.

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