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4 Tips For Dealing With Debt Collectors

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There are many cases that can bring nuisance in your life. Cases such as pending debts have more potential to ruin your mental peace than you might think. People grow impatient in no time and even the ones who have lent you small amounts can hire debt collectors for face to face debt collection.

People often are afraid of debt collectors and start panicking once they are informed that their case has been sent to debt collection. This works well for the debt collectors and they get their job very easily. To make sure you are not violated or harassed by a debt collector, you should be well aware of top tips you can use to deal with them.

Debt Collectors and Their Debt Collection Techniques

Debt collectors are the third party collectors who are hired by the person who has lent you money for getting their money back. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? It actually isn’t. You just have to follow certain steps in order to avoid inviting more troubles. Usually, debt collectors have been in the business for some time and they know how to do their job. They use different techniques to publicly embarrass you and annoy you until you return your debt.

Starting with emails, mails, and notices, debt collectors start making their presence felt right from day 1 itself. Their collection techniques depend on what all information they have on you – contact information, office phone number, mail id, bank account number etc. The more they know means more problems for you. It is advised not to ignore calls of debt collectors as it might backfire. After calls and emails, debt collectors start showing up your house or at your work mainly to embarrass you in front of family members or colleagues. All of this is done to make you pay the debt back.

No matter how scary these all might sound, you have your own constitutional rights. Keep your calm when dealing with debt collectors and follow a few tips to deal with the situation and nullify their techniques.

Tips For Dealing With Debt Collectors

Know Your Right

Instead of panicking, make sure you educate yourself about your rights. Debt collectors can not spam call you or harass you in the name of debt collection. No abusive language can be used or use of force, in any way, should not be entertained. Any such cases should be reported to consumer protection officials, immediately. Instead of avoiding calls and hiding out from debt collectors, face them. Don’t avoid any calls, letter or texts of debt collectors.

Record Your Mails and Calls

This is one of the most important things you should do when dealing with debt collectors. Record every conversation, every letter, emails, and any such thing you receive from a debt collector. This can be very helpful in case a debt collector is harassing you and you want to file a case against them. Never involve in any kind of chitchat with your debt collector. They are trained in handling debt collection and can use anything you say against you.

Safeguard Bank Accounts

This is one of the techniques debt collectors used to get their job done. They can file suit against you for non-payment or delay in payment of a debt which can be very harmful for you. The court, in most case, orders freezing of your account. You can tell your debt collectors that “your bank account has only exempt fund”. In any case, NEVER share your account details with debt collectors.

Hire Consumer Lawyer

If while dealing with debt collectors a lawsuit is filed against you, hire a consumer lawyer. Find someone with the right expertise to represent you in court. In cases like debt collections, there are many ways an experienced lawyer can save you from harsh outcomes.

There are many such ways you can use when dealing with debt collectors. Don’t panic and keep your calm. Usually, people who are tired of running behind people for their own money, opt for face to face debt collection service. Is your debtor not returning your money? Hire a debt collector today!

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