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4 Steps To A Decluttered Home

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In order to be mentally organized, it is necessary to first declutter our surroundings, especially our homes. When it comes to making your home more attractive, it is necessary to get rid of excess clutter, regardless of how hard this decision may be for some people. Decluttering and becoming more organized can require a change in mindset as well as lifestyle changes.

Marie Kondo, a world renowned Japanese decluttering expert, helps her clients get rid of clutter from their homes. She says after the process her clients are able to see their surroundings, and their own lives, with much more clarity. She recommends not only focusing on what needs to be thrown away, but also on paying attention to what you really want to keep.

Decluttering is a great way to organize your home while freeing up mental space as well. To make this process a little simpler, here are 4 steps to decluttering all parts of your home.

1. Kitchen:

Try to avoid having too many of one utensil. For example, you don’t require four potato peelers; two or even three is more than enough. The same can be said for knives; you only need a handful of knives for different purposes. If you feel something is never being used in your kitchen, get rid of it, or even better, donate it to charity so that someone who will actually use it can have it. Gifts for the kitchen are common, especially at weddings and other occasions, so if you have a large bowl or tea set that you never plan on using, donate it.

4 Steps To A Decluttered Home

It may also help to donate any thick cookbooks that are cluttering your kitchen to your local library because chances are, even if you do refer to it, it’s only for a handful of recipes. Decluttering also extends to the food in your fridge. Try to throw away food that has gone beyond its expiration date at least once a week. Don’t consume leftovers if they are older than three days.

2. Bedroom:

Try not to fall for the temptation of throwing clutter under your bed. Invest in some easy to storage containers which will fit under your bed. In fact, a great way to decide whether to throw something away or to donate it is to go through all your belongings while sorting them into these storage containers. You may find things you didn’t even remember you owned.

4 Steps To A Decluttered Home

Keep your bedside table as neat and tidy as possible. It’s best to place a glass of water and some other bare essentials on it. Since your side table is one of the first things you would see every morning as soon as you wake up, it’s essential for it to be clean and tidy. Having a busy side table is almost guaranteed to be a source of stress.

Most people find they have too many clothes and are unable to fit everything in either their closet or their cupboard. This leads to clothes being thrown untidily all over your bedroom. One of the easiest ways to store your clothes, and which will also maximize space in smaller cupboards is to use hangers. Hangers are a great way to store dresses, trousers, ties, jackets, coats and even formal shirts. When searching for hangers, opt for wooden hangers as these retain the shape of the clothing for longer, especially blazers and formal jackets.

3. Bathroom:

Try to limit the number of towels per person to two or three each. Donate any old towels that are cluttering your bathroom to your local animal shelter. When it comes to toiletries, try to not replace them until it’s a must. Excess shampoos and shower gels lining your bathroom shelf look extremely cluttered and disorganized. To clean your bathroom, stick to a handful of products and some clean microfiber cloths. You really don’t need every new product that arrives at your supermarket to clean your bathroom.

4 Steps To A Decluttered Home

To make decluttering easy, take out everything from your bathroom and go through each item to see if you really need it or can it be donated.

4. Living Room:

Try to use furniture that has more than one purpose. For example, a sofa bed is a great way to save space as it can be used as a spare bed for guests. A coffee table that opens up can be used as a storage box. When furnishing your sofa, opt for simple neutral shades as this stops the room from looking too busy and therefore, cluttered. Avoid using tons of pillows as these also give a messy effect to the room. With the rise of the internet, avoid subscribing to a newspaper service. Not only will you be decluttering your living room, but you will also be helping to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

4 Steps To A Decluttered Home

Use rugs to break down larger rooms into various sections and try to pick rugs that complement each other, allowing for the eye to move smoothly from one part of the room to another. As with the bedside table, avoid placing too many items of your coffee table as it can give an overwhelming effect to the room. Stick to our favorite coffee table rooms and some centerpieces. Alternatively, don’t place a thing on the coffee table except for a few coasters.

These are just a few simple steps that will help you declutter every single room in your home. Remember, every item that you own should be useful and something that you want to keep. Don’t hold onto belongings that you never plan on using. Donating your excess items are the best way for them to be reused by someone who may actually need them. A well organized home makes for a clean mental space.


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