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4 Sources Of Electromagnetic Radiation In Our Lives

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The real hallmark of digital technology is convenience, but there’s always a price in everything. We know that modern technologies emit a number of questionable things, including electronic radiation. It may be hazardous to our health. It is concluded that constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation could affect optimum fertility.

It is important for us to try safeguarding our health/ In this case, our body’s delicate cells shouldn’t be harmed. Avoiding radiation can be quite impossible to do and it is important to be aware of the possible sources of radiation in our body. As an example, we shouldn’t carry smartphone very close to our body.


Smartphone is based on radio wave technology and it constantly transmits and receives RF radiation; even if we are not making phone calls. Smartphones can be connected with the network provider and data is constantly sent and received. These gadgets use frequencies between 825MHz and 915MHz, the right waveband to increase the temperature of organic material; just like in microwave. It means that smartphones can heat up human tissue.

Thermal effects may cause internal problems in our body. It’s more than just about the possibility of heating our tissue, DNA can also be changed by constant exposure. This will affect certain genes and some cells can be negatively affected. Many of the changes can be harmful and in some cases, these cells will simply die. However, the rate of cell replication and division can be accelerated, so this could be a real trigger for cancer.

4 Sources Of Electromagnetic Radiation In Our Lives

Cordless phones:

Many people still us landline connections, because they are still comparatively more affordable than mobile connections. However, landline connections are not completely a wired technology. Many houses are using cordless phones and this could expose with higher degree of radiation. A cordless phone unit could cause 6V per meter of radiation, which is similar to standing 50 meters of the cellular network towers.

The best way to avoid getting exposed is by avoiding having one in our home. It is a good idea to use corded phone unit, although it is clearly less comfortable to use. Many offices use cordless phone unit and it is important to reduce our time using it.

Wireless technology:

Wireless technology has become a common part in our daily lives. Many homes have Wi-Fi network that allows family members to connect the Internet easily through laptops and handheld mobile devices. Although Wi-Fi network has low level electromagnetic wave, it can still be quite harmful for us. It is a good idea to disable the house-wide wireless network when it is not needed. Many homes keep the network activated, even when everyone is sleeping at night.

Electric blankets:

Electric blankets can be constant source of electromagnetic radiation. The blanket could penetrate up to 20cm into our body. Constant use of electric blanket increase the likelihood of various problems, such as memory issues, increased stress levels, impaired infant development and miscarriage.

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