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4 Signs Of Damaged Roof Flashing That Needs Repairs

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Part of any successful roofing project is installing flashing. This thin material is critical for directing water away from areas of your roof where the roof plane meets up with a vertical surface. Damaged flashing can allow for unwanted water to leak through to the interior of your home. Here are four signs that your flashing needs to be repaired immediately.

4 Signs Of Damaged Roof Flashing That Needs Repairs


Flashing tends to be made out of galvanized steel, aluminum-zinc, aluminum, and copper. When these materials are damaged, they will show spots of rust. If you notice rust showing up on your roof flashing pieces, then it’s an indication that they need to be replaced as they’re no longer properly diverting water. Prevent rust from accumulating by keeping the flashing clean. A simple rinse and dry once or twice a year will get some of the grime off that speeds up the rusting process.

Missing Pieces

You may notice after a heavy thunderstorm that some of your roof flashing seems to be missing. In addition, animals, such as raccoons, are known for peeling back the roof flashing. If you notice that some of your flashing pieces are missing or peeled back, then it’s time to call in the roofers to replace them. You never want to leave your roof exposed to the weather when you know there is flashing missing around essential areas.

Worn Shingles

If you notice that patches of your shingles are starting to bend and look darker, then it’s an indication that your flashing may be damaged. When this flashing material is compromised, it won’t rebuff water like it’s supposed to. If this is the case, you’ll begin to notice that shingles in the low spots of your roof, near the flashing, are the only ones that look worn out.

Holes / Cracks / Dents

If you get up on your roof to officially inspect your flashing from time to time, you’ll want to take notice of things like holes, cracks, and dents. All of these issues can cause the flashing to become defective and allow water to leak below the shingles of your roof. You’ll want to have the flashing replaced as quickly as possible or sealed up with an adequate solution to ensure that corrosion doesn’t occur. It’s important to note that even the smallest holes created by woodpeckers can allow for the intrusion of unwanted water to the interior layers of your home roofing structure.

Damaged roof flashing may not seem like a big deal to begin with but it really is. Without proper flashing in place, water can leak through the materials on your roof and cause interior damage. If you notice any of the four signs above, it’s time to give your local roofer a call to remedy the situation before it gets any worse.

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