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4 Important Steps to Take When You Think You’ve Chipped A Tooth

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Chipping a tooth is not something that you may want to think about. But, life happens, and it’s important to be prepared for it. Here are some vital steps that you’ll want to take immediately after you’ve chipped a tooth to ensure the best possible outcome for your oral health.

4 Important Steps to Take When You Think You've Chipped A Tooth

Save the Tooth

When you chip a tooth, it could be a small chip or almost the whole tooth. It’s a good idea to keep the chipped part and take it with you to the dentist. In some cases, the chipped piece can be reattached. When storing the tooth’s chipped portion, it’s best to keep it in saltwater, milk, or some of your saliva. This practice will keep the periodontal ligament tissue in working order.

Contact Your Dentist

The sooner you get into your dentist, the better the possibility that they can reattach the chipped portion of your tooth. Many dentists keep emergency appointment times available for patients, so they’re capable of handling these problems when they happen. Simply pick up the phone and contact your dentist. They will be able to instruct you of your situation’s urgency and advise you of when to come in for medical attention.

Do a Salt Water Rinse

The painful area of where your tooth chipped should be properly cared for to avoid unwanted infection. You can care for your tooth by making a saltwater rinse. Mix together warm water and a small amount of salt in a glass. Then, swish the rinse around the damaged tooth area to provide an adequate level of cleaning.

Cover Sharp Parts of The Tooth

If your chipped tooth has left behind a sharp edge, it’s a good idea to cover it up. This can be done with dental cement, wax paraffin, or even sugarless chewing gum in a pinch. This practice will help protect your inner lips, tongue, and cheeks from any sort of scrapping or cutting from the chipped tooth. Also, consider avoiding any sticky or gummy foods as they can get stuck to a sharp point of your remaining tooth.

The way that you deal with a chipped tooth can highly impact the overall healing process of the area. When you take the necessary steps above, you can ensure the highest possibility of reattachment of the piece to your tooth. Always make sure you contact your dentist and follow any necessary instructions that they provide you with.

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