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3D Print Companies Shaping The Future Of Additive Manufacturing

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The future is arriving in record time. Every sector of the printing industry including macro printing is experiencing incremental, micro trends.
Three-dimensional printing based on nanotechnology – the science of ultra-small particles—is a burgeoning industry as demonstrated in technologies like nanoparticle jetting using liquid metals in ink jet printing and nanography.

We explore five of the must interesting examples in the industry which demonstrate the power of 3D nano-technology.

1. The Huashang Tengda – Printed Villa

Nobody could have envisaged that one day we could really print a house when 3D printing was in its infancy. Today this is happening. 3D printing industry has the capacity to “build” from basic to extravagant mansions.

The Huashang Tengda – Chinese company is printing houses with high speed. For only 45 they simply went and built a 400m square villa with a robotic arm attached to a 3D printer head. Compared with traditional built home, the Hushang Tengdas’s home is cost-effective.

This is one of the first functional houses that has been printed on to a steel frame using standard Class C30 concrete to produce a durable and attractive exterior.

2. MX3D –  3D printed steel bridge

The IAAC had a hand in this project, too, and it’s an ongoing project that started last year. Essentially it will use two robots to print the bridge and support themselves as they go. Using multi-axis 3D printing (modified automotive robot), with six axes of movement, the printer itself should have a vast array of applications. The footbridge should be up and running by 2017.

3. Doob Group – 3D Selfies

German company Doob Group creates personalised 3D replicas of people (3D selfies) with its own special scanning and printing systems.

4. Food INK

Food Ink hit the UK press hard recently when news of the first British restaurant to serve 3D printed food appeared. This company which moto is “Taste tomorrow today.” already had a restaurant in the Netherlands where is a head office of company and both have received great acclaim. It offers a truly unique (at a high price) dining experience, and the pop-up will continue to tour the world following popular demand.

5.Local Motors – 3D printed car

Local Motors, US company, is most famous for developing the first 3D printed car – the Strati. It followed this breakthrough with a road-ready version, the LM3D, and a completely autonomous electric shuttle.

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