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3 Ways To Travel Lighter On Your Next Trip

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There is a growing pandemic in the travel community that is taking away precious cargo space from the general public. We need to start talking about travelling light. Seriously, stop thinking you need your entire household to travel conveniently. Not only does it save up space for everyone else on the ride with you, but it will also save you money on tons of travel fees when flying. Just follow these simple steps to ensure light and happy travelling that will be easy on both yourself and your wallet.

  1. Stop Bringing So Many Clothes and Other Items You Think Are Essential

Seriously, this may be the main reason your suitcase or carry on is overstuffed. For a seven day vacation, pack no more than 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of shoes. Always wear your bulkiest items when travelling to ensure that they do not take up extra space in your carry on. Clothes should not take up more than a third of your luggage space, especially if you were hoping to bring back plenty of souvenirs or planned to shop on your trip! If you absolutely cannot live with wearing the same outfit more than once that week, considering layering with other light items. Never wear colours that contrast too much from other pieces to ensure that everything can be mixed and matched. Think you need your basic toiletries too? Unless you are off on a remote island with no drugstore, the basic fundamentals can be bought almost anywhere. Same goes for your laundry, if you need to do some; most hotels have a laundry room, and if they do not, you will be sure to find one somewhere on a busy street. Consider that again when coming back to clothes, you can always get a pair of cheap flip flops somewhere while travelling and dispose of them before leaving.

3 Ways To Travel Lighter On Your Next Trip

  1. All in One Entertainment

Gone are the days where you need to pack three or four books to keep yourself occupied. Most people are switching to e-readers nowadays, so they do not need to lug around heavy books. But who wants to carry an additional device other than their phone? If you are truly trying to save all the space you can, you will switch to an app that covers the bases for you. Playster can be downloaded on your phone, where you can get an unlimited subscription to books, audiobooks, movies, music, and games. Not only would you be saving space on luggage, but space on your phone too so that you can take extra pictures! Playster lets you minimize space on almost everything.

  1. If It is a “What If”, You WIll Not Need It

Do you bring extra hair elastics in case you lose one? Or a safety pin, just in case? These are things that again, can be found at most drugstores or corner stores around the globe. You most probably will not need a spare pen for that short trip you are making, but you bring it anyways for your own comfort of knowing it is there. You have to stop doing that, because it will just end up accumulating as stuff you probably will not end up using.

Do you have any travel tips for frequent flyers or those just looking to getaway?

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