3 Ways I Changed My Eating Habits Permanently

On the face of it, weight loss would appear simple. Just start moving around more and eat healthier foods. But, we have a lot working against us in the form of bad habits, busy lifestyles and self-sabotage. We eat for lots of reasons besides simply providing our body with the nutrition it needs. As someone who has struggled with weight in the past, and who did not exactly have the best eating habits, I know how hard it can be to change. But, I managed to do just that and I hope that in sharing my first hand experience with what worked for me, it will inspire you to try these same tips, knowing they were successful for someone else who was once in your shoes.

Setting Mini-Goals

In theory, you could totally change the way you eat tomorrow and never look back; most of us, however, will not be able to make such a drastic transition successfully, however. And that is okay. I found setting mini-goals really helped me adopt permanent changes to my diet. Some goals I set were to have fruit in some form, whether it just be a nice fresh apple or a tropical fruit smoothie for dessert three nights a week, replacing a less healthful side dish, such as gooey cheddar broccoli rice, with fresh vegetables sautéed in olive oil and lemon juice, and making sure I only munched on healthy, filling snacks, such as nuts. An amazing thing begins to happen when you start eating healthy food more regularly—you actually start to want it more than the junk.