3 Ways I Changed My Eating Habits Permanently

Committing to More Home Cooked Meals

Not having access to healthy food in your home will be the death of any efforts at changing eating habits and losing weight. It is all too tempting to come home, and just order a pizza or pop a processed frozen meal in the microwave, rather than going out to the store and buying a healthy dinner to prepare at home. But, with some good planning, and a strong commitment to better eating, I started making food—healthy food– at home more. First thing I did was write out a list of meals for the week that I wanted to make and then I went to the store and bought all those things so that everything I would need was in the house, no excuses. On Sundays, I would prepare some of the food for the week so that actually cooking the food would be much easier and quicker. I made the rice, chopped the vegetables, prepared the pasta sauce and anything else that could be done that day.