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3 Excellent Eatries For Casual Dining In Delhi

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The food scene of Delhi is certainly a major part of Delhi tourism. Your trip to the city is simply incomplete if you haven’t yet checked-out the popular restaurants and cafes.   

Delhi has glorious history and rich culture to explore and experience, however, apart from the monumental places, museums, and ruins, one of the best reasons for one to wander around the capital is to fulfill your eating fantasies. Delhiites are huge food lovers, and a visitor will find that life in the city is a large buffet. In the middle of eating in broadly eminent places of gastronomy, local people will stop at roadside stalls and dhabas for plates of chaat, samosas, and pakora, or slip into backstreet lanes for savoring the city’s finest, straight from-the-tandoor kebabs. International cuisine is only one thing; what is more fascinating is that Delhi is the hub of amazing ethnic cuisines from all across India that incorporate, Tibetan, Bengali, Kashmiri, Bihari, Chettinad, Naga, Sikkimese, and Parsi. Whether you’re searching for a spot with an incredible ambience or an extravagant eatery to inspire your date, a quick chomp before a film or amazing street food to fill that small space in your belly, Delhi is indeed the city to eat out in. These reasons are sufficiently adequate to answer your query, “why foodies are so much in love with Delhi?”

3 Excellent Eatries For Casual Dining In Delhi

Bringing so much variety of ethnic as well as international cuisines to the table, Delhi lures thousands and thousands of food lovers every year. The good thing is the city can be reached easily. So, catch the next flight from the nearest airport to the town or city you live in, say, Mumbai to Delhi flights, and indulge yourself in a gastronomic holiday experience.

If you are about casual dining from quirky ambience to sumptuous food, needless to say Delhi houses some of the finest casual dining options. Given below are some most popular eatries.

Coast Cafe at OGAAN

A warm, welcoming vibe, quick service and fabulous food, this spot has everything that a bistro ought to. It is built over the OGAAN store, and is carefully designed to take you far from the tumult of Hauz Khas Village. The moderate menu is made to showcase seaside cooking which is the place’s forte. Try not to miss the Kerala barbecued chicken and the prawn moilee.


Zizo is an establishment that takes Lebanese food past the staple food: falafel and hummus. The proprietors of Zizo are sufficiently insane to bring in staples, for example, za’atar, pita, haloumi, and baklava from Lebanon, and serve it at very reasonable costs. So go and try the delicious mezze and man’oushe!

Bistro Lota

Established in the National Crafts Museum, the Café Lota is a flat out a imperative part of Delhi’s gastronomy experience. The menu here is a certain attraction as it showcases pan-Indian cuisines and savories that are hardly seen on any other eatery’s  menu. The straightforward, homestyle cooking helps it stand out from the rest and make its imprint on the food lovers. Go for the kadak chai, Bombay keema, and dal ka chilla, they are absolutely try.

Those were the three popular eatries offering a foodie the excellent opportunity to relish the best of cuisines. Needless to say food is indeed a major allure of Delhi tourism, and there are several other popular restaurants and cafes that are worth visiting.

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