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10 Best Videos By Resume Experts

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A resume is always important if you want to apply for some job. Your resume will be your mirror and it will reflect you and your skills. If your resume will be attractive then you will get a plus point. But in big companies, they receive a lot of resumes for the job and they don’t have much time to check all the resumes.

At that time, if your resume will be attractive then you can get the call them for the interview. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much skills you have and how much talented you are, it will not matter for them because your resume didn’t attract them. That’s why always try to make an attractive resume. Here, I will like to discuss some videos related to resume writing by some experts:

Following are the best videos by some best resume writers:

Top 10 Resume writing tips:

Video by Phil Fletcher

There are many videos in the market about the resume writing but this is the best video to make resume from Phil Fletcher. In this video, he described everything in detail and you will be able to make an attractive resume after watching this video. He explained everything thoroughly in this video.

Video link:

Resume Writing Guidelines Video

This video is provided by an expert lady writer through the platform of In this video, she discussed the different steps which everyone should notice during making a resume. Her style of explaining is very good and she explained everything methodically in this video.

Video Link:

10 Best Videos By Resume Experts


This video was shared by DAVIDHAY, a company which is famous for the entrepreneur ideas. In this video, there are two writers and they shared their ideas about resume writing and these ideas are rally useful.

Video link:

Top 10 resume writing tips

This video is produced by the PowToon. It is a company which provides the solution to different issues in presentation style. They explain the 10 steps which can help you in making your resume more attractive and it will be very helpful for you.

Video Link:

Video by NISGTC Collin college career

A video is given by this college in which they discussed 10 tips of resume writing with the help of 4 to 6 different resume writers. Each resume writer tells a tip or two according to his or her experience and these tips can help you in making your resume attractive.

Video link:

Video by Nazina Belle

Nazina Belle is the founder and marketing director of TSL consulting Co. Ltd. She shared her experience related to resume writing because she knows that how the recruiters deal with different resumes. On the basis of her experience, she shared some tips which can be helpful for those who want to make an attractive resume.

Video link:

Video by Ramit Sethi

This video is very useful for resume writing. In this video, Remit Sethi who is the expert in resume writing shared his ideas and views about resume writing and it can help a lot.

Video Link:

Video by factXtract

This video is made by factXtract, a company which is trying to find and reveal some facts about different things. In this video, there were some issues which were discussed by the writer and if you will remove those issues from your resume then you resume will be very good.

Video link:

Dave’s writing tips

This video is given by Dave’s writing tips and in this video, the writer discusses the different issues which everyone can face during resume writing and this video is very helpful.

Video link:

Video by Lewis University

This video is made by the expert writer of Lewis University. In this video, the writer discusses that how you can make your resume and which things you have to mention in your resume.

Video link:

These are some good videos by some expert resume writers. Hope these videos will help you in writing a perfect and attractive resume.

Jenny is a career coach and member of Craftresumes community

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