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Since 2004, Braverman Gallery has been one of Tel Aviv’s most prominent supporters of contemporary art media, specializing in installation and video art. With a focus on the promotion and development of emerging artists from Israel and all over the world, some of its notable talents have gone on to show at prestigious events including the Venice and Berlin Biennales. This is the place to see how sharp the cutting edge has become.

Sunday Club On the seventh day he partied featured

“Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional”—a classic birthday card slogan to console us as we cling to our youth lest we become—god forbid—boring. Well, there’s no need for cliché catchphrases anymore because nightlife big bananas The Simons of Copenhagen are further legitimising the frivolous behaviour of the thirty going on thirteen-agers among us with their hedonistic Sunday Club. And hell, are they doing it right.

This isn’t your usual club, by the way. There’s a “no photos” policy to keep your naughty shenanigans off the net, which could be anything above and beyond your kinkiest dream with one of the raunchy Thai Ladyboys and/or Go-Go girls who strut their stuff on the table tops. All-out abandon comes at a price however—your comfort zone will be half-forgotten and your phone’s signal will be scrambled, just in case you should dare make contact with the outside world. There’s even a ‘kitchen’ in which sensory trips are on the menu… What? You’ll have to find out for yourselves, you curious young whippersnappers. We know you want to.

Istanbul Modern Headline act featured

When historians look back at the explosion of contemporary art in Istanbul, the first place they’ll look for evidence will be at the reclaimed huge shipping container that is the Istanbul Modern. Overstating the importance of the Istanbul Modern is—quite literally—impossible, as it spearheaded the proliferation of contemporary art spaces in the city.

Cast your peepers on some of the permanent exhibits, especially Adnan Çoker’s monolithic abstract canvas, Retrospective, or on Monica Bonvicini’s shattered glass staircase hung from steel chains near the entrance.

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