Goodbye for now is gonna go offline... featured

Bringing you guys the most drop-dead awesome places from across five continents isn’t easy work—granted it is mighty fun. Alas, after seven whirlwind years, the time has come for us to take a breather. So for now at least, Unlike City Guides is gonna go offline. Think of us as a hibernating bear if you like. We’d like to thank you all for the crew love over the years. Our gratitude is…

Follow the White Rabbit... And discover Berlin like a seasoned pro featured
Midnight Cowboy Civilized insobriety featured
Hotel Saint Cecilia Eccentric luxury featured

Put simply, hotels don’t get more sumptuous than this. Nor more Austin. It exudes luxury and quirkiness in equal measures. Which means that you get the fattest handmade Hästens mattresses and the silkiest Rivolta Carmignani cotton sheets, without ever forgetting that this is Texas and southern hospitality is what they do best.

Fourteen rooms and suites are dotted throughout this leafy…

Barley Swine Locally yours featured

Sometimes, you should believe the hype. And trendier-than-thou Barley Swine is one such case. Star chef, owner and local boy Bryce Gilmore has been the toast of the town since opening his much-celebrated restaurant back in 2010. A card-carrying locavore, Gilmore’s ingredients are carefully sourced in the region and as such gradually change with the seasons—as nature intended it.

With such…

Lady Bird Lake Champagne cruise ahoy featured
Jester King Frothy farmhouse brews featured
Houndstooth Coffee Third wave and then some featured
The Contemporary Austin Into the artistic deep end featured

When it comes to homegrown Austin creativity, music and tech tend to grab the headlines. Lately though, the art scene has been amassing its fair share of column inches, and rightly so. But what is the real go-to spot, if you want to dive into the deep end of the city’s contemporary art world?

One thing’s for sure: Don’t be put off by the too-obvious-to-be-true sounding name of The…

Die Registratur The legend returns featured

A loss was felt in the city when Die Registratur closed its doors in 2009. A large void was left in the club scene, never filled, until now that is. And who’s filling Die Registratur’s shoes? Die Registratur. Opening up in a new location, but from the same people, it promises to be all that it once was and more. Good going considering the new venue’s smaller proportions. There’s also been a distinct shift in the ethos of the bar, the owner’s do-goodery seeping into the furniture—no leather, and the drinks—no cream or milk, and with a new motto to boot: “Be Aware”. (Something that you might not always want to be in a club).

Like before, there will be art exhibitions and readings but it’s really all about the music. Doing away with gimmicks and distractions, there are no flashing disco lights, just a great sound system and exciting bookings that roam beyond the confines of four-to-the-floor electronica. Wanting to cater to an older audience, or rather their original audience, acts are on earlier than usual and the headliners are given free reign to play what they want and for however long. Though don’t worry, if you think time has escaped you in here, you’ll gain it back on stepping outside—all the clocks in the bar are set hours ahead. Being “unaware” can be a good thing too, it seems.

Braverman Gallery Be here now featured

Since 2004, Braverman Gallery has been one of Tel Aviv’s most prominent supporters of contemporary art media, specializing in installation and video art. With a focus on the promotion and development of emerging artists from Israel and all over the world, some of its notable talents have gone on to show at prestigious events including the Venice and Berlin Biennales. This is the place to see how sharp the cutting edge has become.

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